Who Did Not Make Your Xmas List This Year ?

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  1. My friend Kyle has been unsympathetic & rude too a mutual friend of ours who's recovering from cancer, and we've just about had enough of her constant whining, so, Kyle has not made it to my list this year.

    Who didnt make your Xmas list this year, but made it last year ?
  2. My husband's Uncle (he's 10 years older than hubby)... This is sad because he was caught stealing from hubby. He's done it to us several times already.
  3. A so-called 'friend' of mine who has made every excuse under the sun not to pay back money they owe me (and a couple of others)..despite being able to afford what they want.

    I asked for it back several weeks ago (for the hundredth time) and even gave them my bank details - still nothing, and no contact either.

    As far as i'm concerned, that's no friend...that's a freeloader.:hysteric:

    So there will be no Xmas card from me this year...
  4. There is no one who made it last year but not this year. But I have always pretty much restricted gifts to my immediate family + SO (now DH), so that doesn't happen often anyway.
  5. Yup me too!
  6. we actually seriously cut our list this year. there were like 25 odd people on it last year....this year it's less than ten. it really helped that we chose names (secret santa type thing) on both sides of the family for the adults. as in years past, i'll only buy gifts for friends if i see something that i *know* they'd love.
  7. Frankly, I'd like to cut out everybody but the kids in the family, my husband, and the dog. I like to buy people gifts, when I find something that really suits them. Unfortunately, that doesn't always follow the strict holiday timetable.

    Bah Humbug! :P
  8. For the past several years I have made really nice pieces of gemstone jewelry (several in 14k gold) for my sisters and nieces. NONE of them have ever sent a thank you (or a gift), and often I have had to call to see if they got it! So only cards to them from now on.
  9. No one yet really.
  10. My ex-BF of nine years because she was too jealous and tried to cause problems for me and my family! Ugh. It's too bad I really do miss her!
  11. A lot of my "friends" from last year got cut. I notice once you no longer have class with people, it seems the friendships seem to end.
  12. two aunts and some cousins they are all a bunch of old drunks. weve tried to help them for years, its obvious they dont want to quit.
  13. Same here, it's weird how when school ends so do most of your "friendships". On the plus side when you leave you then get to move on and add more new people to the list ;)
  14. my ex boyfriend for obvious reasons
  15. my ex is off the list too. I'm only buying for immediate family and grandparents this year. Going out with friends to celebrate instead of gifts and doing a yankee swap with aunts/uncles/cousins instead of individual gifts.