Who designs a long golden chain with enamel flowers?

  1. I'm not even sure if it is flowers... maybe it is some type of insignia, but I am thinking of a long gold chain, adorned every so often with a larger piece -- perhaps another gold piece, perhaps enamel? I'm thinking ivory colored? I thought it was a Vuitton design, but I can't seem to find it on the LV threads, or elux or lv.com, so maybe I am thinking of someone else's design completely!?!? Can anybody idenfity what it is I think I've seen? THANK YOU!
  2. spunds like the van cleef arpels alhambra line
  3. lilach, you're a genius! Now, could you *poof* $12K into my checking account so I could afford one of these? YIKES. I saw a very, VERY, VERY wealthy woman wearing one of these at a party this past weekend and she laughed and said, "Of course its a fake -- I couldn't afford a real one!" when I admired it. I thought she was just being modest, but I don't think even she would spend those kind of bucks on one necklace. (Unless it was like solid diamonds or something... ;)
  4. try Heidi Klum's collection, shes got a four leaf clover that really looks close to the alhambra line