Who Designed This Purse???

  1. Does anyone know who makes this bag???
  2. i'm pretty sure it's a Bottega Veneta!
  3. that picture is micro!
  4. Another chime for BV. It's the bag that Jennifer Aniston carries around all the time.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. i'm sorry, the pic is too small, i can't see clearly
  7. That is a Bottega Veneta from resort last year. When I first saw it, I tried to get one, but they are basically sold out. The SA in NY said that you could look into a "custom order" for the bag, but there would be an upcharge over the basic price (which was $1950, I think ) when it came out.
  8. Yep it the bag Jennifer Aniston is carrying in a recent issue of Us weekly. The one that features Kimoras closet