who designed this dress worn by Beyonce?

  1. does anyone have any idea who makes this dress?:girlsigh:
  2. check out the heels
  3. Looks like MJ but I'm probably wrong :shame:
  4. I love this dress! And that price is not bad at all! Does anyone know how the sizing runs? I am a curvy 6 - the dress comes in XS, S, M or L. I often get S and sometimes M. I think this is something I'd wear I million times and I want to order it. :smile:
  5. cute dress!!
  6. yes, it's very cute! :smile:
  7. Love that dress! Thanks for the link Katerina!
  8. you're welcome!!
  9. very cute dress..but i don't like the heels...
  10. i like the dress on beyonce, it's nice to see her wear black, for a change. i don't like the shoes at all.