Who designed this bag?

  1. I hope this is the right forum!


  2. It's Louis Vuitton...and I think it's the Stephen. I know it's not available anymore, it was not permanent. But you should ask in the LV forum to be for sure.
  3. or do a search. . . but I think ^she's right.
  4. yeah I think thats LV too.
  5. That bag is fierce. Yeah, I said fierce - I'm bringing it back.
  6. Cass, did you watch Project Runway last night?!? It was FIERCE!

  7. I did - haha! Thats why I said that - it was totally my catchphrase in high school and college. Today at work (remember, Im a NANNY) I caught myself saying something was a "Hot Tranny Mess". Haha, I love Christian.

    And apparently I dont hate ALL LV now.