Who designed these sandals worn by Rachel I have been seaching for months,....

  1. r4xq2ee2.jpg
  2. if someone knows I would just jump for joy.. i would be the happiest person alive.. if i run into her i have to ask her! hehehe thanks
  3. i don't know who makes them but they are lovely and look comfy
  4. Those are really cute. I want to know too!
  5. ahhhhh those are great but what would my size be if i am US 8? in UK? also i dont think they have any more sizes left.. where else can i find these? i am obsessed i want them so badly thanks
  6. i think uk sizes run 2 sizes down so 8 US should be a 6 UK? double check before you order cuz i am not 100% sure.
  7. A UK 3 is a US 5.5/6. When I lived in London, they actually told me a UK 6 was a US 9, so I don't know. A lot of places didn't stock half sizes either; it was so weird. lol

    That's the only place that had them (that I found), but perhaps call the ASOS customer service team and ask.
  8. aww they are sold out and wont get any in... I really want to know who actually designed rachels... its been driving me crazy for about 7 months now... thanks