who designed these amazing boots from Neimans?

  1. I was looking at Marc Jacobs dresses and this model is wearing the cutest boots ever this is an ad from Nieman Marcus site.. Help please who makes these suede babies? Thanks

    cute boots
  2. I don't know, but they ARE cute!
  3. Could they be Marc Jacobs??
  4. I'm not sure, but I hope somebody knows. They are very cute boots.
  5. I was thinking Miu Miu?
  6. Fabulous, I really like them. CS (ha ha) should be able to help you?
  7. o0o...I love those boots too. I'm pretty sure they're MJ, as I've seen them paired with his clothes on a couple of different sites and there is a suede/leather boot that is similar to this one on Saks.
  8. The color combo and cut makes me think Marni or Prada.
  9. I just say a similar (or the same?) pair while browsing shoes online yesterday. I want to say they are Marc or Marc Jacobs but I'm not positive and I don't recall what site I saw them on. I'm sorry!
  10. It makes sense that they would be Marc Jacobs, since it is a Marc Jacobs dress. Did you find out what they are?