Who designed Nicoles sunglasses on simple life Mike Hawk episode cream color

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  1. Does anyone know who designed these sunglasses? They are SO CUTE!!! she wears them a lot. She wore them the most on the episode Say Hello to Mike Hawk. Its a cream color pair. these pics are from my digital camera... So credit goes to me.. haha thanks so much
    nicole 1.JPG nicole 2.JPG nicole 3.JPG nicole 5.JPG nicole 6.JPG
  2. here is one last one
    nicole 7.JPG
  3. Oohh... I don't know but me likey! Bump! Someone???
  4. Linda Farrow? She does these outrageously huge sunnies.
  5. where can you buy Linda Farrow sunglasses? Do you have a direct link to her site? I am on dial up and its SLOW to load her page.. thanks