Who designed Nicoles Dress is so cute

  1. i want to know as well. its so cute. I want one.
  2. me 3! I was trying to figure out what brand it is... i want one!
  3. :yes::yes::yes:
  4. I don't know about the dress but the shoes are Balenciaga.
  5. Please post this on other big fashion Forums and find out.. PLEASEEE
  6. wow those shoes are awesome.

    i love the shoes!

    she looks good dressed so casually like that. i wish i could pull that kinda look off.
  7. The shoes are Balenciaga, but i have no idea about the dress. Sorry.
  8. its just a plain black dress really. i have a very similar dress like that (long sleeve tho) from french connection. (see picture below)

  9. i like your dress, cute!
  10. thanks cordeeelia! i'm about to order now. =)
  11. no problem, but i don't think its the exact same dress though, but it looks almost exactly the same. :smile: Anyway im sure u'll look as hawt as nicole in it xoxo