who designed jessica albas boots?

  1. I love them too! They look a lot like some Coach boots I have seen before but I am not sure....
  2. They are indeed Coach. I think the style name is Madison although I'm not 100% sure about that. Hayden P. has the same boats. Color is clay.
  3. ^^^yeah you are right, plus you are the coach expert probably from your name :smile:

    I remember seeing several photos of Hayden P. wearing the same boots too!
  4. huh.. where can i buy coach boots? thanks
  5. do you think the coach outlets would have these on sale? thanks
  6. I'm not familiar with Coach shoes at all, but I think they are the Maxene?


    I also read somewhere in my little search (it's blizzard like outside and I'm bored lol) that they were nearly $500 originally and that they did go on sale at one point for under $100.

    I don't know how old they are though.
  7. Yep you're right! Maxene not Madison!! I think they just came out this year, summer/fall I think. I love that clay color!
  8. You could call Coach CS and ask them if they still have any Maxenes in stock or check eBay. They aren't showing on Coach.com any longer, but sometimes, Coach still has a small number of an item in stock even though they've removed it from their site. They would not be on sale through Coach.com though.
  9. eBay has 3 listings for the Maxene but none of them are for the clay...


    I'd be really careful purchasing these in whiskey if you live somewhere where it snows (like me) or rains alot. When I was at Coach yesterday I was talking to the SA about another pair of Coach boots (Weslyn's) that I missed out on, the only came in whiskey, and the SA was telling me of a woman that was in the store who wore these in NYC and they got either water or snow on them and they looked horrible, like they had been burned. I wonder if the clay would do the same thing...:s
  10. cool i will call about this 1st thing tomorrow see if they have em on sale!! thanks
  11. They are on sale at coach stores for $249! They are Maxenes style #q262 and they are SUPER comfy and I am NOT a heel person!!
  12. thanks!!! The Coach store around me has them in my size for all 3 colors!! YAY.

    Katrynar, have you walked around them for a while?? I am not a heel person either and I find them to hard to walk in after like 30 mins.

  13. Does anyone know if they take orders over the phone??