Who designed Jennifer Aniston's Huge Bag?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. it was just ided on MUA as a Massai by Hermes
  3. It's truly a nice casual bag. I didn't know the Massai came in such a huge size.
  4. (Love her hair!!!!! I wonder what she uses......)
  5. Too big for her, she's teeny!
  6. What's MUA btw? :shame:
  7. Are those Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses?
  8. Beautiful leather - Hermes leather is so distinct!

    MUA = make up alley.
  9. I think that or the Raquel.
  10. They are definately Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses...I have the same pair in the same colour :smile:
  11. This bag comes in two sizes - does anyone know what size this is?
  12. Does JA have this bag in 2 colors? :wtf:


  13. Love this bag on her, suits her style perfectly
  14. The grey Massai looks a size bigger than the off-white one. Both are gorgeous.
    Actually, I do think Jen carried them very well. Especially I love the way she pairs her grey Massai with the grey scarf. She surely has style!
  15. I like the shoes too, they're cool with the leather strap!