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  1. HEY ALL
    i want to know who design lv handbags. i know Marc J. has his own design but what about the other style w brown monogram, azur...
  2. Marc Jacobs designs those too...new bags are designed by him.

    As for classics, such as the Noe, Papillon, Speedy, etc. They were designed by a member in the Vuitton family. Not sure who specifically, but those were created a long time ago.
  3. oh thanks:tup:
  4. Monogram would have been designed by LV himself or a family member, I suspect the LV and damier patterns were both started originally by LV and his family in 1854. Other canvas and leathers and also adaptations of damier and mono came later with one off designers and MJ.
  5. i meant the style, like ...neverful, berkerly...
  6. oh, sorry its just that you didnt say anything about bags in your post, you were talking about canvas's. I think Karman answered your questions but there is also a good book called the "Icons" and its $24 from Louis Vuitton, it tells you everything about the bags. :smile:
  7. Louis Vuitton himself designed the Damier canvas.

    And, ironically the Monogram Canvas was designed by Louis' son, George Vuitton and was actually created to prevent counterfeiting!

    George also created the Noe bag. The Papillon was introduced mid 1960's, i tihink it was around 1967/68? Im not sure who designed that, possibly one of georges designs which didnt get created or Gaston-Louis Vuitton who took over the company after george. No idea on the speedy's and some other classics!

    I know Louis designed most of the classic trunks, including the steamer etc.


  8. oh, im sorry, thanks all:tup:
  9. MJs slaves.
  10. MJ doesen't make it all, f.ex. the men's collection is not by him. I don't think he has anything to do with the scarves or jewelry either.