Who collects Harry Potter books? (for yourself or kids)

  1. 1. What do you collect? (US hardcover, US Softcover, US Deluxe, UK Hardcover, UK Special etc...)

    2. What do you have so far?

    3. What are you still looking for?

    I collect the book for myself now and will pass on the my kids on day (if I have any:smile:

    Let me start:

    1. US Softcover 1st edition /1st print
    US Deluxe
    UK Deluxe

    2. book 4 to 6 Softcover 1st edition /1st print
    ALL 7 US Deluxe
    ALL 7 UK Deluxe (but they are not the first print)

    3. UK Box set containing all 7 books in special edition (will be release in Oct)
  2. I have all the Books in Hard Cover. I have books 1-6 in soft cover as well. I also have Books 1-4 on tape (used them in my classroom of 5th graders). Would love to get them on my Ipod but it's a little costly.
  3. I have the hardback of all 7 books and the collector's edition of the first 2. Both first edition.

    I would like to get the leather edition of the books, but they're so expensive.
  4. I don't collect but I have bought my brother the first 3. :smile:
  5. US paperback version of Book 1 (with highlighted portions and notes in the margins - used as a text in my mythology class sophomore year.)

    US hardcover Books 1 - 7.

    I knew I'd only have access to the British versions of Book 7 but I wanted it to match the rest of my collection . . . . I love the covers! . . . . so I asked my parents to order it for me from Amazon and then send it to me once it was delivered to the house.

    I got my book a week after everyone else, but it was SO worth it!