Who cleaned out Bloomies in Sherman Oaks!!!

  1. You are in big trouble!;)
    I went in today to grab some 40% off of clearance priced bags that I KNOW were there a few days ago and they were all out!!!! :crybaby:

    I hope you got a great deal!!!:yes: :woohoo:
  2. hahah i wish that was me...but its not :sad: ...cant get any deals like you have there :crybaby::lol:

  3. Aww, I wish it was you, then! Maybe you should take a Toki vacation and hit our Toki sales!:nuts:
  4. Wow, did a sniper get it? Or was is just sold to many many people?
  5. Do they have 40% sale in Bloomie's ?
    I called but the SA said none of the toki bags is on sale not even the inferno. What did they have in Sherman Oaks?
  6. Bloomies is having a secret sale...ending tomorrow and in the flyer it says 25 - 40 % off of handbags depending on which ones and then there are 4 $25 off of $100 purchase coupons in the back of the little book...so it seems like it'd be a super awesome deal if toki is actually on sale but i'm not sure :shrugs: I wish I was in NY...there are bloomies everywhere...here in the bay area they're only in SF and I know Im not going there tomorrow :sad:
  7. There are FOUR (4) $25 off coupon for $100 worth of purchases?
    I received the invitaion in the email , I called the SA said to print out the email and they MIGHT give me the $25. Can the $25 be used on the spot while buying for the bag? I wonder.
    TokiliciousJeny, Thanks for clarifying it for me!
  8. Yeah, in the back of my invitation there are 4 coupons each for $25 off of a $100 or more purchase!! Yes, the $25 off coupons can be used in the store they have barcodes and you're supposed to bring them in w/you. It sux that our local malls here don't have bloomies...:sad: I'd be all over this sale!
  9. haha its not a secret anymore!!! :lol: i dont have any bloomies hahaha...
  10. I KNOW...the front of the thing I got in the mail is like SHHHHHHHHHHH! SECRET SALE!!! Whatever man! :wtf: If it's secret who knows about it and why is it such a secret...STUPID!
  11. yeah if it was a secret ..you wouldnt be getting an email and no one would be there :lol: hahah
  12. Sherman Oaks was pretty cleaned out- the other day there were several older print Ciao Ciaos and Bellas on the clearance table so those would have been an extra 40% off!!!

    Regular price (so would be between 25% & 40% off- the SA didn't tell me which brands were what %)
    They had some Pirata- Campeggio, Bella, can't remember what else
    Black & Fumo Lunas and Ciao Ciaos and maybe bellas
    Adios- can't remember
  13. all that--gone?! crazy...i was kinda curious, but i had to work. thanks for saving me the trip!
  14. Are you serious! I want a 40% Bella! Plus 25 dollars off 100! Thats a really sweet deal, so Bloomies cardholder only huh? Its like Macys and their additional sales for their cardholders! That sucks, they dont have any sales here at the bloomies near me either.
  15. geez...where are people getting such good deals..my aunt called random bloomies in southern california and in denver..they said no sale