Who chats?

  1. I am home a lot and I am on the computer a lot (ya think? LOL!).

    Anyway, does anybody else have Yahoo Messenger and chat at all? My Yahoo Messenger ID is the same as my name here, Nishi621.

    Try me even if it says busy or something like that.

    Maybe we can share messenger IDs so some of us can chat during the day?
  2. I have AIM, I did use to have Yahoo messenger (I should download it again!)
    My AIM is bgcutiepie00
  3. I use mostly msn and aim :smile:
  4. back in high school/college, i used ICQ, AIM, and MSN the most... i have yahoo too, but i rarely chat these days.

    my aim SN is the same... i also have msn, which i use to chat with old college friends... but otherwise, i don't log on very often anymore.
  5. I'm on everyday... I used to chat on MSN Messenger a lot, but stopped...

    I mainly use AIM now... y'all can chat with me if it's LV talk!!! :p

    AIM: jmata311
  6. I'm on AIM all the time - if you wanna chat, i'm angelg2002 :smile:
  7. I'm another AIM chica

    ir0ka is me :biggrin:
  8. I have aim. On privacy though so PM me first so I can add you!
  9. this is great... i would love to chat with fellow purse addict. i use aim and msn. pm me for my SN tho, i dont want random internet users to see it.
  10. I'm on AIM and Yahoo. If you want to chat with me, just let me know!
  11. Nishi, I would love to chat with you! And any other person that wants to talk!
  12. My AIM screen name is Janos614. I don't really log on to any other IM program. I've set my buddy list to private, also, so please PM me if you want me to add you!
  13. i'm on AIM @ itzvirg

    feel free to say hi! (just let me know though that your from tpf) :p