Who carries the Black Metallic Reissue 224

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone knows what stores ordered the Black Metallic Reissue in the 224? NM didn't only 227, Chanel did! Anywhere else? Is it hard to find?

  2. I got mine in Long Island, NY at Hirshleifers. They also had the light silver in 224.

    I didn't really look for it, I just kind of walked in and saw it.
    224model.jpg 224mb.jpg
  3. Per chabich, Chanel Chicago has one!
  4. Sorry - didn't see you were the original poster!
  5. Just trying to see how limited that size is...... I love it, but it's small for me and the price! When they are limited you just don't have alot of time to think about it.
  6. I just saw one at Chanel South Coast Plaza over the weekend. IT is veyr small, you could only fit in your essentials, and I don't think even a wallet would fit into it.
  7. Saw one today at Palm Beach boutique. It is very small. I would go with the wallet on a chain in black metallic. For the money you can actually fit more because you dont need to have a wallet.
  8. what is the leather like for the metallic? those who has one do you think it will peel over time?
  9. I can actually fit a small tri-fold Lovecat wallet, cell phone and lipstick with no problem. The Wallet on a Chain is only for DL and CC's right? I always need my cell with for my kids.... I've seen the Wallet on a chain but never looked inside. I'll check the Reference Library and see if I can find one! I would only use it for nights out and Vegas trips when you want a small bag. The only thing that's getting me is the price for how little it is. How often would I really use it, I don't know for sure.