Who carries the baby cabas?

  1. Those of you who are on the wait list for the baby cabas, where are you buying it from? I checked with my local Saks and NM, and they both don't have much information on the cruise line at all. There is no chanel boutique where I live.

    If I know for sure that NM or Saks as a company carries the baby cabas, I'll just ask my SA to order one in for me.
  2. I am on the waitlist at the Madison Avenue Chanel. They did get one black one in already but it went to the first one on the list.... so I am waiting...not so patiently.
  3. At the moment, only the NY Chanel boutiques have started to receive them. My SA in SoHo called me immediately when a white came in because there was no waitlist for the white or the black. Ask for Candy at SoHo Chanel 212 334 0055. She might still have the black one.
  4. Does anyone know if the cruise line - has started to come into the chanel ny stores. I'm interested in the python spirit line which I believe is part of Act 1..
  5. Chanel in Bal Harbour's list was the shortest that I could tell as I got mine in two days...
  6. Is that the chanel boutique? Do you have a particular SA you would recommend?
  7. A satin one came into my store yesterday but it was sold the second it came out of the box.