Who carries perfume?

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  1. For a long time now I've carried a small bottle of body splash in my purse, and have recently considered maybe carring something stronger, like perfume.
    But now that I am spending money on more expensive, designer purses, it dawned on me:
    How many of you carry perfume?
    Has the bottle ever broken and spilled inside your designer purse?
  2. I have a wonderful perfume atomizer that I bought at Nordstroms. It's small and light and I fill it up with my favorite perfume. Closes tight - no worries. They sell pretty ones at Sephora too. Try that!
  3. I carry the samples that I get when I buy fragrance, I put one or two in my cosmetic bag.
  4. I always stock up on the miniature sets of my favorite perfurmes at XMAS; I have loads of little bottles in the closet. I put one in my cosmetic bag inside my purse; if something happens, I only lose the cosmetic bag. But they are sprays and nothing has ever happened..
  5. I don't think it's a good idea unless it very securely sealed in a plastic container. If it should leak and get into the leather, you'll never be able to get the odor out. If you should want to sell the bag, it would kill the resale value.
  6. Me too! I can't ever find room for a big bottle. I love those small free samples allthough one in glass broke in my suit once, that was pretty awful. Someone had stepped on it though, the flacons are pretty solid.
  7. Put it inside a small zip lock baggy. you can get very small ones that are for snacks, and a small bottle will fit nicely in there.
  8. Put it in a laminated makeup bag.. Also Target has great clear makeup bags where you can see all your makeup and perfumes easily. They have a zipper and won't let anything out if it leaks
  9. I have a 30ml ralph lauren bottle which i keep in my make-up pouch.
  10. I use Prada perfume & they just brought out a fabulous bag charm, which is a bottle of scent, in the pack you get two refills, brilliant!!

    Chanel did 5, 19 & Cristalle in a pack of 3 small sprays but this has been discontinued now :sad: They never did it in Mademoiselle :sad:
  11. I actually got a refillable, purse sized spray of J'adore. I keep it in my makeup bag.
  12. I carry samples as well, in my makeup bag -- I don't use just one particular fragrance. I used to carry solid perfume from l'occitane, this was pretty convenient.
  13. I, to, carry a solid, Amazing Grace by Philosophy. I only use it if I forget to put on perfume before I leave the house.