who carries black leather bags even in the summer?

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  1. is this a no-no or what? opinions please?
  2. Dress it up with a scarf and its perfect. I carry my black leather bag with a scarf and a cute flower charm...black leather is timeless and "season"less I believe...its perfect all year. Anyone agree?:tup:
  3. I don't, but only because I don't wear black shoes during the summer. Which is not to say your bag always has to match your shoes, it's just that black leather totally doesn't match anything about my summer style.
  4. If you love it, ROCK IT!
  5. Just take a look at my signature ... I only recently started to add color to my collection :tup: Black goes with anything IMO ... In the end its what you think and feel that matters ...
  6. I don't believe in rules! Wear what makes you feel good! Someone suggested a scarf or fob to dress up a black bag in summer...good idea!
  7. I wear it year-round. Of course I switch it up. But it's whatever you feel comfortable with and if you feel it goes with what you're wearing. :tup:
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    Well, for me it's different because I live in South Florida which means it's "summer" year round so I definitely carry my black bags and they look great. If you feel a little uneasy about carrying black, some scarves can really brighten them up!
  9. I believe i carried my black carly since I got her.... Oh wait, i got her in october... before that I had a sig black/gray w/silver carly, and yes- i did carry her in the summer... I just added a cute heart fob to it and it was perfect! I don't think that black bags should be put away just bkz its summer, I believe in "equal opportunities" in my bags, I like to carry them no matter what, sun or fog, dry or wet, hot or cold... I guess that's why I can't cope with the new silver sabrina leather... It drives me nuts I can't wear her any time i want :smile: But black is great for everyday everything, as long as you love it!!!
  10. I have a black Miranda, Black Medium Lily, and a black Ali, and each bag is always given a second glance.........Black is timeless and perfect for casual and dress year round.:tup:
  11. Two of my favorite summer color combos are black & white and red & white. A black bag always looks great with either combo. Definitely carry the bag you want. Life's too short to care whether anyone else thinks your bag matches up to their social standards. Carry it with confidence.
  12. I dont like to carry a black bag in the Summer - even though I love black bags and have a lot of them - for some reason I just cant do it -not because of some archane rule -not many follow those "rules" anymore or even know that there was a rule!
    For some reason it just look so un-summery to me.
    If I lived in Florida I would probably be wearing white and lime green all winter long!
  13. I would use it and like others said dress it up with a bright scarf and some key fobs.
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    Most of my handbags are black. I love this colour the most and living up here in the dark Canadian skies for most of the year, black just sits well. I guess it does depend on the climate. Nine months of the year up here are grey. Maybe I should have bought more grey, eh?

    Since discovering tPF, I am starting to add more colourful scarves to my handbags. It's a bit weird since most gals seem to be carrying black bags with nothing on them. And, yeah, most of the commuters and ladies walking down the steets in this city carry black--bad, cheap, worn out, ugly nylon black.

    So, black is the general rule here all year round. Even my very colourful girlfriend carries these ugly black nylon bags. I gave her one of my brand new cream beige leather bags and encouraged her to use it for the summer. She was hesitant because she might stand out, but I think she's getting into the swing of things.

    I am carving my own niche by getting colours that veer away from black, but most of my Coach bags are black. It probably is more for camoflage to blend it with the other dreary dressers than anything else because everybody is just unhappy about the cold grey skies. The summers are just too short to make much of an impact so I guess the blacks win out.
  15. I'm in the same boat, except that I live in Arizona. I typically don't like to carry a solid black bag during the summer, but add a bright scarf and/or fob and see how a plain black bag takes on a whole new look!