who can't wait for the incoming PCE event?!

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  1. I'm going crazy you guys, I may not make it!
  2. I know I am on a count down!!!! My SA said around Jue 10 or 11. I have a big gift certificate ready and waiting. But then I am going to the outlets on the 22ns. What should I do???
  3. I am going to have to sell alot of stuff to be able to buy some next month!
  4. I am trying my best to wait!!
  5. Damn I forgot to ask about the PCE when I was in the boutique today! I've got a nice long list of things I want just in case I get an invite :smile:
  6. I can't wait. I must have the new signature stripe denim satchel, now.
  7. I can't wait! I want my Carly so bad! I might not make it either!
  8. I did the same thing with my large sig stripe tote (in brown). The shape is a lot like a large gallery tote, and once I saw that legacy lining, forget it. PCE or no PCE, I just broke down.

    I usually try to wait for those events, but I couldn't help myself. Hung my new patent leather red key fob on it, and it looks awesome!:yes:
  9. I'm trying my best to be good until PCE, but I went to the outlets today...TWO Coach outlets! Yikes! :shame

    PCE will be for Carly....not sure which color yet.
  10. so what did ya get? :smile:
  11. anyone know if ergo is included in this pce?
  12. I would think you would able to buy Ergo bags during this PCE. I know the coupon said it was excluded last time but the manager at my boutique let me get my large leather Ergo tote at the discount.
  13. I thought so too, but I couldn't remember if it's been confirmed or not. shoot, now I can't decide if I'm going to wait to get my ergo hobo or not!
  14. ^^same!
  15. Hello ladies,
    Forgive my ignorance, but what does PCE stand for?

    I'm normally a Bottega Veneta devotee, but I have wandered into this forum because I am interested in the large Coach Ergo tote - in black or turquoise. The turquoise really attracts me. I am also considering the Maude Ergo XL, but it seems like it might be too large. And, there is a substantial difference in price....

    So, I'm intrigued by all these references to PCE, which must be a special sale or discount? Please let me know.