Who cannot wait any longer to see Megs new bag?

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  1. I cant I need some excitement today!!!
  2. My curiosity is piqued after reading her entry on the main page...(subscribing to this thread in case a picture appears..:smile: )
  3. I am very curious too I hate secrets (well ,only if I dont know what the secret is), that is why I posted this little hint to post it!
  4. i am so curious! it has to be great or she wouldn't be keeping it a secret...
  5. You think it could be the bag of all bags ... a Birkin? :amazed:
  6. that's what i was thinking!! i couldn't imagine something else being so fabulous
  7. Maybe we should venture a guess...............MEGS can than let us know who got it right..........I'm sub-threading a game, this Mommy is bored at home today................I'm guessing it's one SERIOUS LV................
  8. It's some serious baggage, but I will have to disappoint to say that it ain't a Birkin... le sigh!

    Give us til tomorrow. Today was Buckeye game day and we partied all day and we're just being completely and utterly lazy! ;)
  9. Okay, we will let you off today, but tomorrow we wont be so nice! Haha, just kidding Vlad. Look forward to seeing it!:biggrin:
  10. Now I feel like my bag and I are a failure, because it doesn't come close to comparing to the legendary Birkin. :shame:

    But I love it nonetheless and tomorrow I will quit with my laziness and show you all my beautiful new bag. Hint: It's cognac! :nuts: :love:
  11. oooo already sounds nice :love: Can't wait for the identity to be confirmed!
  12. Hmmm. . . I am thinking SPY perhapse.
  13. I am very excited, never thought it was a Birkin just love your taste!:love:
    Vlad you crack me up "le sigh" :lol:
  14. Me too, because of the Cognac hint.
  15. me three! it's a new spy!
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