Who can tell me about the Elgin

  1. Hi there , hope someone can help me , a friend of mine is thinking about buying a Elgin
    , I don`t know anything about them!!

    Is she best to wait until the sales , can you still buy from Mulberry . com if so will they be reduced in the sales.

    If not are they likely to be reduced in outlet sale??

    Or should she just go and buy one now ? :confused1:
  2. I think it depends if she wants to wait it out or NEEDS to have the bag right now...I'm going to wait it out on the Bayswater and Large Mabel (I know that they will probably not be reduced, though). They're very hush hush about the sales and what will be included, so if she can wait, I'd recommend that.
  3. Definitely wait until the sales as there have been rumours on here for months about the Elgin being discontinued....
  4. I'm sure I put a road test of mine on here somewhere???............................,but its a brilliant bag,really spacious,handles less prone to slipping off than the roxy as they are longer,the depth can be a nightmare if your keys are in the bottom of it and its p*****g down and you end up scrabbling about like a demeted squirrel on your doorstep!!(I put a little clip hook on the zipper of the inside pocket for exactly this reason!!!,the sort you get with those token things you can get for shopping trolleys)

    I have also heard rumours of it being discontinued,I asked in the Manchester boutique but they were all so idiotic I don't think they even know what an Elgin is!! If she wants one,it is so worth the full price,I personally could'nt wait for the sales if they are being discontinued,knowing my rotten luck I'd break my leg and end up in traction and miss them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks for all reply`s , I think that it would be wise for her to wait as I know that if I bought a bag full price and then 2-3 weeks later it was half price , well i`d be kicking myself !!
  6. Mmmm,totally agree actually,if you can keep a close eye on the sales then it may be a fantastic opportunity of grabbing a cheap one!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  7. Do you want me to see if they have any Elgin's at Bicester?
  8. Wow , yes please if they do could you check it out for marks etc.
  9. Any colour specified? Or just if the outlet does decent quality Elgin's
  10. OOO,could you check for me too?? Andys Mum was really admiring mine,so I think every one would club together to get one and put it aside for her birhday early next year xxxxxxxxxxxx

    And no,its not a covert operation for me to wriggle out of the bag ban!!!!
  11. OMG I've never read anything so funny - yeah right - totally busted - I think they call it Mulberry by proxy :nuts:
  12. Hahaha!!! I knew no-one would belive me!!! But its true!!!!! Oh God,I'll just shut it then eh??!!!!!!!

    But it REALLY is true!!!!!!!!!