Who can tell me about Chanel events?

  1. I went to the counter today to pick up a new serum when my (favorite) SA told me I should wait a week since they're having a GWP event. This is the one where they serve champagne, you need to make a reservation, get a gift if you spend a certain amount (which is almost exactly how much that serum is - which is why she said to wait, thank goodness for samples to hold me over!) etc. So what exactly do they do during your reserved time? Im thinking its like a make up application or something like that? Im REALLY looking forward to it from the little bit I was told - it sounds like fun!
  2. The make up artist does a skin evaluation and then gives you a makeover. I did it a couple weeks ago and had a really good time.
  3. great thank you both!! it does sound fun
  4. how how? what does it called? Gwp?

    so just reservation is enough?