Who can/should you ask to write you a letter of recommendation???

  1. I graduated from college with my bachelor's degree about 5 years ago and will be applying to fashion school.

    Part of the application process is obtaining 3 letter's of recommendation, but being that I've been out of school for a while now, I'm not sure who to ask. I know I could ask my supervisor/employer, but who else? Can I ask my friends? Or fellow co-workers?

    Please HELP!!:confused1:
  2. Do you have any professors that you were close to? They can be good references - especially if they knew you well and were aware of your work.

    Past employers would also be a good option, if you left the workplace in a peaceful manner.

    I don't think friends are a good idea...
  3. I would ask your old professors, assuming you had a good relationship with them!
  4. No friends, no family, no boyfriends, no girlfriends, etc. Any letters written by people like that will be tossed.

    Remember these letters are suppose to show your ability to do well in your proposed field, not what type of person you are.

    It should be people who know your work best- professors, direct bosses, supervisors, etc. Coworkers do not fall into that section unless they are in a supervisory position.

    For any type of school application, you should try to have 2 out of the 3 letters be from professors and 1 from a boss if you can't have all 3 be professors.
  5. Thanks ladies!! I guess this one is a toughie because my Bachelors is a business degree, but I'll try my professor's. I really hope they will remember me!!
  6. Were you involved in any student organizations? If so, that might be a good option to contact another member of the organization?
  7. Reccomendations should be from people who have/have had some sort of authority over you. This means professors, deans, supervisors, mentors and the like. People who can say "they did ____ under my supervision and it was great!"
  8. I would get some of your professors from your previous degree to write some. Hopefully you were close to some so they remember you. I have applied not that long ago for grad school and I used someone from my associate's degree, one prof from my bachelor's completion, and then my old boss because the field I want to go into is what my old manager is in. I know it's a pain, but I would def stick to more professional references.
  9. unfortunately I was not particularly close to any of them. I didn't go to school for something I wanted. It was pushed upon me by my parent's, so I as doing it for them. This degree would be all mine!!

    I'll definitely give a couple professors that I remember a call and see what their thoughts are. I'm also hesitant to ask any of my prior employer's as they all know my mom and she would disapprove of me going to school for "fashion." To her it's a waste of money, unfortunately.
  10. Def. professors or the heads of academic clubs you've belong to, etc.
  11. I agree, professors! If they still have records of your grades you should be fine :smile:

  12. When you contact your professors, remind them of the classes you took with them & your grades for those classes. If you have a paper or project you did exceptionally well on, remind them of that project-attach a copy to the email if you have it.

    You'll want to include a copy of your updated resume, an unofficial copy of your transcripts & a copy of your statement of purpose for the schools your applying to.

    Even if they don't have a crystal clear memory of you from school, all of this will help them put together a more personalized letter for you.
  13. Yup... I do have a sort of a form letter for when my students ask for a letter of recommendation...all I ask of them is that they make sure to give me a resume (grades, clubs, what classes they had, any volunteer work they've done, etc)to ask for a letter w/plenty of time to customize the letter....at least 2-4 weeks from when they need it, otherwise I turn them down.
  14. definitely professors or an adviser
  15. I disagree with previous posters. I think if you have worked in something related to fashion, it will be much better to get a recommendation from a boss/supervisor instead of a past professor. If all 3 letters are from past professors, it can be considered out of date since they knew you from some years ago. People can change a lot in 5 years.

    Personally, I would get 2 letters from a boss who I have worked under for at least 4-6 months and who has known me in the past year. The last one, I'd get from an old professor, preferably from someone who has taught me something related to the degree if I can. I know you're a business student, but did you ever take any arts electives?

    And I wouldn't say that a recommendation from a relative or friend is worthless as long as it is well written.

    From my previous experience with universities, I have found that work experience and what employers thought of me carried a lot more weight than grades, although grades were important too. I never even did the last year of high school, but still managed to get into two of the world's top 50 universities because my references and work experience was good.

    Just make sure whoever is writing it knows what kind of school you are apply for and tailors it to that, and try not to use "to whom it may concern."