Who can share her Aloha Rag Bal bag catalogue?

  1. I tried to contact its customer service, but no body got back to me:crybaby: I am under the impression that someone has posted a complete list and color shades of the Bal bags aloha carries. Can someone tell me the link or repost it?

    Thanks in advance:smile: :flowers:
  2. I just PM'ed you re: aloha rag stock.
  3. I saved my email from them forever and just deleted it last week because it was 2 months old. I need to request their current stock also from them. I have never ordered from them before, but I sure like looking at the pictures they send!
  4. I JUST called there! They have the City in Blue India if anyone is interested!
  5. can someone please send this to me also :yes:
  6. if you email them they are usually very fast emailing you the current stock thats available back to you.:heart: