Who "Can" or "Cant" Borrow Your Car ?

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  1. Are there certain people/ family members, who you allow to borrow your car ?

    Who wont you let borrow your car ?

    Who's on your list for:

    "Sure" :yes: as opposed to

    "No way" :nogood:
  2. Well basically only DH drives my car. Its stick & my Mum, MIL, friends... don't drive stick!
  3. my dh, my best friend, my niece and my brothers and maybe my kids but that's about it.
  4. My SO and my dad.. and sometimes my mum. I hate letting her borrow it 'cause she's the worst driver in the universe lol. I love her but honestly, she gets distracted sooo easily...
  5. "My" car is actually my boyfriend's car, and I am the only one other than him who is allowed to drive it.
  6. My DH, my brother and SIL, and most friends. (very rarely)
    I love my car, and keep it in mint condition, everyone that drives it is the same way so I trust them. Hell, if soemthing were to happen (accident) that is why we have insurance.
  7. Pretty much anyone who I know well can drive my car...like my DH, parents and sister (even though she totaled my parents' car, i still trust her. Accidents could happen to anyone...)
  8. Ive learned my lesson to lending my car to people.. so the only one . Is my Hubby. Thats it!!!!
  9. anyone that i know is a safe driver and responsible and that i'm very close to and trust.
  10. only my husband....
  11. hehehe, neat question...

    Totally won't let my brother drive my car - he's had SO many fricken accidents... even my parents tell him never to drive my car or their car!

    I would only allow my friends that drove a manual (stick) to borrow my car - HA HA and thats like only 3 ppl! Not many of my friends drive manual cars and ppl are just shocked that I drive a manual! LOL!
  12. Anyone in my immediate family (and my bro-in-law) can borrow my car. It's family, and I trust them, so even though my mom and older sis are horrid drivers, I trust that they'll fix the car if anything happens to it.
  13. My bf, my dad and my mom can drive my car. I don't trust anyone else with my most expensive possession!
  14. I just bought a new car last summer, so to me it's still my baby! ONLY The SO and ONLY the SO is allowed to drive it.
  15. my father without a doubt YES

    my husband NO unless we're desperate

    for me my car is the first BIG thing I've bought with my money