Who Can it Be Knocking at My Door......

  1. I think I might know what it is.... won't ruin it though..... :smile:
  2. oh come on- i thought i was so late to this thread that i would have seen it already!!!!
  3. i think i know too. ;)
  4. [​IMG]
  5. ^^ Oh i know what it is!!!!! do you love it? we're bag twins!! congrats!
  6. I love it already!! :heart:
  7. i KNEW it! i win! i'm going to reward myself with a new mj bag in honor of this victory!
  8. ^^ :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::p
  9. O drat. I don't win but I'm rewarding myself with a piece of chocolate anyhow :p
  10. Almost there.......

  11. ^Nice!!! :tup: Now that's more like it...hehe, though your smaller MJ accessory was super cute too :heart:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I wish I can reward myself with a new MJ bag too! I want to know what else you don't own, tad!
  13. WooooooooW! ...And you said you werent excited by any of the current bags. HAH! I knew that would never last! :rolleyes: :p
  14. OK -- tortures over!!! I got the EW Tote in Navy from Barneys in Dallas during their 40% off promotion -- I pre-ordered last week (do you know how HARD it was NOT to say anything!!!) When I had seen this bag on the MJ website when the S/S bags were first posted, this was one of the only bags I liked. Then when they finally came out & I saw it on other websites, I wasn't so sure because it looked more like a tote than a handbag -- but when yes please got hers and I saw her pics & how the bag hung, I changed my mind & went back to loving it. When I picked up my Heloise from Nordstroms, I checked it out in person (they only had the Ivory one) and knew it was a bag I needed. I had planned on waiting until Nordstroms first markdown but when I heard about the one-day event at the Dallas Barneys, I took a chance -- they had ONE bag so I grabbed it up!! I LOVE this bag -- everything about it is sooooo perfect. The leather is soft, lightweight -- and the double handles & long shoulder strap are just what I need -- and even tho I know most of you like to carry this bag cross-body, it's not TOO long to carry on my shoulder, which is what I prefer. So here she is........My Navy EW Tote!!!:yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo:

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    Oh yea -- about the coin purse.....
    I didn't order that. When I got my bag, I was looking inside and there it was. I've never seen these before -- I don't know if it was in there by accident, or if the SA threw it in for good measure!! Does anyone know anything about those? Should I send it back or just keep it? (I almost feel "bad" for asking that!)

    ETA: Oh yea -- there's no tag attached to the coin purse:shrugs: