Who can identify this bag? New style, Twiggy......

  1. Okay, gotta have this style and it's absolutely droolworthy in this color (the white bag)? But what is it? Is it the Twiggy or something new? Notice the piping on the back side. Does the Twiggy have this. And on the side panels, they are not perfectly round, they're larger on the bottom and angle in slightly toward the top. Can someone identify this bag. It's almost like the PT but not. TIA

  2. Well, it looks twiggy to me....how abt the rest?
  3. Oh my! How did you even start looking at the shapes? I'm still stuck at looking at the colors!
  4. This ivory is one of the prettiest, creamiest colors I have every seen. I can't identify the color, but I would love to have it too!
  5. What is the diff between this and a twiggy? It looks exactly like a twiggy to me...
  6. It looks like a Twiggy to me too. The Mini Twiggy bags are round on the ends like a barrel, but the regular size one is tapered with the bottom larger than the top and it has piping around it.
  7. Cracker where did you get that photo? are they fall colours and styles? that was probably dumb question I know, I'm good at asking dumb questions LOL
  8. definitely looks like a twiggy to me too..
  9. Thanks girls! I've been looking at Twiggy photos this morning and I think it's the Twig as well. I've only had the Twiggy once and for a very short time. Couldn't remember if it was a barrel or if it tapered. Thanks for your help. It's gorgeous in white (or is the ivory color)..............