Who can do a comparison between the gigi tote and slim tote for me?

  1. Being the Ali loving girl that I am, I was struck with the thought that if there is a larger load to be carried than usual what will I do? Miss Ali can only bear so much so perhaps there is a sister out there who can take the weight off of Ali's shoulders? Or shoulder strap? LOL! So, I thought of the slim tote or the gigi, both of which are gorgeous and neither of which I have seen in person!

    So, would someone who has either seen them IRL or owns perhaps both of them (lucky!) compare the two for me? Which can be worn on the shoulder? Which is roomier? Etc. Thanks so very much from my Ali loving little heart! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. The Gigi is roomier IRL than the Slim Tote; we had both in our store briefly. I like it better than the slim tote, definitely... just my opinion, hope it helps!
  3. Do you know the slim tote's item number? I've forgotten what it looks like on the front! I need a side by side picture comparison! LOL! Yes, your answer does help too. Roomier is what I'm after! But not too roomy! The gigi isn't as big as the XL Maude is it?
  4. OH GOSH no it's not that big.

    I dont know the item number for the slim tote but I can try to find it-- but I think the 06 slim tote isnt available, it's sold out from JAX.
  5. If you want to see modeling pics of both for a comparison, I was just looking at "Post your Legacy pieces here" under the Reference Library folder. On page 1 is modeling pics of a Legacy slim tote and on page 2 is a modeling pic of the Gigi. At least you can get an idea of size difference. Hope that helps! I also love both totes. I'm leaning towards the slim tote because Gigi looks a tad big for me. :rolleyes:
  6. ^^ Oh, yes! Good idea cverhoff! I hadn't even thought of that! Thanks!
  7. Here is a picture of the Gigi with the Slim tote side by side.
    I like the Gigi way better in the clay color and it is way roomier. It just depends on what your needs are in a tote.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. OK, so for those who want an answer too to this question, here are pics borrowed from the legacy thread in the reference library. Thanks to the gals who took them and I hope they don't mind me borrowing them. This has helped me decide though! I prefer the slim tote simply because of the details! I love that front pocket!

    This is stophle's pic: (gigi)

    And this is pond23: (slim tote)

    Both are truly lovely and I'd be happy with either but I do think I like that single pocket on the front just a little better but I do like the colors available for the gigi so who knows?! LOL!

    ETA: thanks, Liz, for the side by side! I'm going to come to your house and kidnap your Coach collection! You have the best taste in handbags!
  9. I heard that the Gigi is coming in Citron later in the fall.
  10. man that slim tote is tdf
  11. I forgot all about this thread! LOL! I still love the slim tote! I'd love to have it in natural! But a Gigi in citron would be equally awesome!! Anyone know if they're still planning on this color?