Who can break down Zoe pricing for me?

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  1. I just wanted to compare original retail + current outlet prices on leather Zoes. Seems like there's a LOT of pricing discrepancies on this bag from outlet to outlet. :sad: Boo.

    pouch, 41869: retailed $198, outlet: ???????????

    small/medium 12671: retailed $398; outlet: priced via sign at $229 w/ 30% off = $160 [$168 (w/ tax)] + 20% coupon = $128 [$135 (w/ tax)]

    large 12669: retailed $498; outlet: priced via sign at $259 w/ 30% off = $180 [$189 (w/ tax)] + 20% coupon = $145 [$153 (w/ tax)]

    XL editorial 12664: retailed $598; outlet: ????????????? Was the one w/ the braided handle even more?
  2. I got a Patent Leather XL Zoe today and it was 228 so they did not lower the price of the XL. I never saw a braided handle one so no clue if there were but I image they would be.
  3. I don't think the prices were different from outlet to outlet, they just kept changing the price.

    They were $259 and $229
    Then they were $229 and $199
    Then they were $181.30 and $160.30 ($259 and $229 w/ 30% off)
    Now you can get them for $145ish and $128ish with the 20% coupon
  4. I paid $145.04 + tax for a large black leather Zoe.
  5. The braided zoe retailed for about $1000, and was redlined to $800, plus 50% off clearance = $400, plus 20% off coupon = $320.
  6. So I've heard that people can return the bag and rebuy it at the lower price? I bought my Zoe (still have the tags on and receipt) a few weeks ago when I was around $229 I think. Now that it's a lot cheaper I'd like to rebuy it at the cheaper price. Would the SAs give me a hard time? Sorry to hijack this thread...
  7. Some stores won't do it, some will. Some make you get a new one off the floor and return the old one. Nothing consistent...
    For my other stuff, I just bought off the floor and made another trip to return the 1st one. I still had tags on.
  8. ^I did it today! I had originally paid $259 less 20% (coupon), then went in for PA when it went to 30% off, and then back today for $259 less 30% and 20% (coupon).