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  1. I've browsed tpf for a few months now and i'm starting to feel very deprived. It seems like everyone has a few LVs and Guccis and many others have extensive (and gorgeous) high end collections! I guess my question is how do you pay for your purses? Do you save and save and save for your handbags? Do significant others buy them for you? Do you receive them as gifts from friends and family? How many handbags do you get on average per year? Where does the majority of your collection come from?

    I'm just very curious because I'm 22, just graduated from college. I have only 1 purse that's even worth mentioning (a botkier bianca) and i'm itching for soooo many more handbags! I don't make enough to buy these for myself and I'm just wondering how you guys get your hands on these envy-inducing bags!
  2. i buy my own. no one else does. =)

    im not rich, but i have taken advantage of some deals posted on here. i figure i should use some of my money while i can and do not have much financial responsibility.

    the only other thing i like to buy is makeup. ok, clothes too.
  3. I didn't start buying high end bags until my late 20's(I'm barely 30 now). I graduated school at 24 and started with a salary in the 6 digits but still had a hard time paying for expensive things because of school loans, car payments, and rent. After I managed my money and started having more assets than credits, that's when I started buying high end bags. I started small, and bought sparingly while selling bags I didn't use anymore.

    My advice is to not dive into high end bags quickly - make sure you're comfortable with your money situation first and then keep trading up like you would anything else, such as cars, homes, etc. And remember, there's more to life than just purses!
  4. I'm 29 and I only just started buying high end bags this year. Before this I'd balk at paying more than $100 for a bag. I simply traded up as I earned more and started feeling more comfortable spending larger sums of money on a single item. But I won't pay four-figure sums for bags. I'm not in that league yet!
  5. me too in late twenties :smile:. i've received my 1st expensive bag only just last year - 6 years after working full time, have saved a sufficient savings amount, no debts, and after i brought my mum on her 1st overseas air travel holiday (fully paid by me). i'm too very jealous at all the gorgeous bags here lol but i'm trying very hard to pace myself and get only 1 expensive bag/ accessories each year. now i've 2 expensive bags and next year around feb i should be having my 3rd bag :love:.
  6. I agree that being comfortable with your money is recommended. This obsession can quickly spin out of control! I find it just a little unsettling that I was able to jump from a $200-300 range to $1k and not look back!
  7. I'm 24, and I have loved nice bags for years and years, like since I was 12.
    I grew up with my older sister and my mum loving bags.
    Me and my younger sister used to love going into mums closet to see her bags lol!

    My first bag I got for my 18th birthday, my Orange BB.
    Now, when I buy my bags, I pay for them when I get paid at the end of the month (it deppends how many flights I do that month) or my SO pays for them.

  8. Well said thithi! I didn't always buy nice bags and I will never be able to just buy whatever bag I want, but I have a budget (thanks to DH) for buying stuff for me (including bags, clothes, shoes, makeup, etc). So I have to save my $ and make tradeoffs/choices (so as a result I have to really love something in order to buy it, just liking it or it being a great deal isn't enough), so it's a slow and conscious process. But it's also totally guilt- and debt-free.
  9. Im in college and I dont have a part time job or an internship or anything...I actually do some stock trading to make my monthly allowances and buy my purse obsessions=) and if I get tired of my old bags I resell them to make some extra money I can use for my new purse wants and needs=)
  10. this gets asked very often. There's a VERY lengthy thread, please do a search.
    If I have time I'll come back and psot a link to it.
    Thanks! :biggrin:
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