Who buys LV shoes/boots?? Oh, the indecision...

  1. I have only seen the Raquel Ankle boots online, but you know the story, see them, want them. My dilemma is I am having a hard time spending that much $ on boots..tho I have no problem spending it on a bag....am I crazy???
    Also, am I taking the whole monogram thing too far with the boots??
    What are your thoughts?? Appreciate the good, bad and ugly! lol!
  2. I'm not a fan of mini lin, so I personally don't love them. However, I do own two pairs of LV shoes. It gets easier after you shell out your first $800. They're incredibly well made and both my pairs are very comfortable - a good investment imo! :biggrin:
  3. I LV shoes are a great investment. I have the denim sandals and the wedges and am planning on buying 2 fall shoes. I love the way they compliment my bags when I wear them. Yeah 800.00 if a lot for a pair of shoes. Just as Emily K said after you spend the first amount it doesn't seem that bad. I say if you have the money for it and love the shoes then get it!!
  4. I wish LV put out alot more shoes....
  5. I have 9 pairs of LV shoes... my 8 year old daughter has 2 & so does my husband... For some reason, I just love them:smile:
  6. I only own one pair of LV shoes and would love more BUT I can't generally afford shoes and bags so I tend to buy bags.
    LV does have some beautiful shoes though.:drool:
  7. I love the shoes!!! They are very comfortable and wear well.
  8. I have a few pair of shoes. I don't buy them anymore if I am NOT going to wear them because I agree, I would rather have a bag too!
  9. I bought 2 pairs this week but I haven't received them yet so I can't comment on them haha. They look amazing though!
  10. Same here i cant justify the cost to buy a pair of shoes to step on.. i much rather have a bag.. :smile:
  11. I have a pair of LV shoes and they are well made!!!
  12. Hubby has a pair and tells me how comfortable and well made they are. He only goes for th leather sole lace up dressy type. Anyways, we visited LV store yesteraday and he is comtemplating a limited edition one they have at the store. Supposedly, only one pair in each size was made available in U.S.

    I say, if you love it, have the money to spend (w/o suffering) and you feel great when you wear it, go for it! Do post pics to show if you get it.
  13. I have two pairs of the LV sneakers and I actually wear them for dress shoes - they are my special occasion / going out for dinner shoes -- extremely comfortable and well made. I expect to buy maybe 2 pair a year.
  14. I have two pairs of LV shoes (both denim wedges). I took home the Cornelia boots in gray a couple of days ago. Boy, this is one fabulous patent leather croc beauty. When I tried it on again at home, my arches didn't quite fit the boots even though I put my usual foot paddings in them. So off they went back to LV. At $1,090 USD they are steep, but gorgeous. If my arches were right on target, I would have had one heck of a pair of ankle boots. Would have loved them too in burgundy and black. Sigh...

    LV shoes are definitely worth it. They are so well-made and beautiful to look at. It's like looking at and appreciating art.

    Good luck!
  15. i have two pairs of shoes, the Mini Lin flats and Melusine sandals, and i think they're totally worth the money. they're surprisingly comfortable and durable, not to mention very pretty