who bought from the sh outlet & what did you get?!?!?

  1. HEY tokidoki peeps!!
    just wondering what you all got on sale??
    i got a adios star ciao ciao with the pefect placement i wanted i did this when i saw
    it :drool: & a pirata gioco with that one i told lindsey to give me what she thought was cute placement & it is also perfect!!! :tup:

    god it is sooooooooooooooo addicting!!!! ima tokidoki junkie & i LOVE IT!!!!!:yahoo:
    tokidoki 014111111111111.jpg tokidoki 0261111.jpg tokidoki 015111.jpg
  2. :tup::tup::tup::tup: Congrats!! Your stuff is super cute!
  3. ooo purdy :smile: you make me want to shop again but sadly I'm restraining... so I'm shopping for a friend :nuts:
  4. i should put myself on a ban but i can't help it:nuts: they are like pokemon gotta have them all!!!my bf will be happy once they stop making them but them ill have to get them on evilbay!! which i have done but always worry if ill get a super fake

  5. do i see a plastic box in the picture? if so i totally keep mine in those things covered and stuffed with tissue!

    i ordered from SH and got my stuff in on friday. i got an adios star gioco, original print gioco and an original print bambinone.

    your ciao ciao is raaaaad.
  6. I ordered a Pirata Zucca...but us Hawaii gals aren't receiving them till Monday, LOL. Sadly.
  7. i do keep it in a plastic tote but its an under the bed 1 (which doesnt fit under the bed) so i dont have them stuffed they do lay flat so they wont get any funky creases in them they are covered with tissue though keeping my beloved purses super safe!!!! im gonna have to get a bigger one though have to get the last prints
    i didnt think id like tutti but after seeing it on a uk site i super love!!! & i hope we get the same qee they got:nuts:
  8. I have one of each print already and then some (well minus pirata since I want my perfect stellina still or a pirata zucca!) so it helps and keeps me from buying more lol... altho I still have the urge I must save!! I was debating getting something from SH when I place the order for my friend on monday but I've eBayed some of the items and there's still new ones below SH prices so they're keeping me from buying anything also :yahoo:
  9. So far, I've gotten an Inferno MM, Inferno denaro, and an olive Camo bella bella from SH.
  10. I got my Inferno Denaro, MM & Zucca back in April or May.

    Now i'm waiting for my Pirata Gioco & Ciao and Inferno Ciao to come in! =)
  11. Lovely bags everyone!! :drool: So far I've gotten a Paradiso Zucca, Inferno MM (for sister), Inferno Trenino, and an Inferno Ciao from SH...

    Still waiting for OP Bambinone and Pirata Bambinone.. *sigh* Like Jess said, its coming on Monday.. but its a good thing that its "on time".. or so the UPS tracking says! If it were late, I'd be :cursing:
  12. I got a Pirata bambino and gioco (I wanted a zucca but they were sold out so I got the gioco instead).

    Does anyone have an updated list of what SH has?
  13. I got a Pirata Zucca (which I love sooo much!) and a Paradiso Mamma Mia. I'll post pics later!
  14. I recently got a Paradiso Ciao Ciao with the most perfect placement of all my favorite characters. :biggrin: I love it so much~! 8D

    Cute bags, btw!
  15. I got the Pirata Zucca, but I just don't know if I am 100% thrilled with it like I was when my Spiaggia Gioco arrived. I am thinking I should have gotten a Gioco instead, but they said they didn't have any and wouldn't be getting any when I ordered my zucca about a month before they announced they were getting Pirata in... Hmmm...