Who bought a new MJ from the Nordstroms Sale

  1. What did you buy from the sale? How hard a time did you have finding what you wanted?:confused1::woohoo:
  2. I am debating purchasing another bag as well but here's what I have so far:

    A Venetia in black with silver hardware :yahoo:

    A Venetia in black with gold hardware
  3. ^^Did Nordstroms have a black venetia with silver? Does it have the white stitching?? Just being nosey!!
  4. Wait, how did you score the silver hardware? I thought they only have gold available.
  5. I bought the Black Venetia with Gold Hardware (I assume gold because I didn't think that silver is available anymore)
  6. They only had one silver hardware Venetia available in the company and I just happened to find it. :p
  7. must...resist...teal...alyona! :sweatdrop:
  8. I got the Bordeaux Blake. I called Nordstroms in Valley Fair and waited a few hours. I got impatient so I called SF Centre. They were able to find one for me in Chicago. It's supposed to be shipped today. The SA told me to buy it at regular price for now, and then go next week for a price adjustment, since it was the last one in the company. I want more, but I have Christmas gifts to buy.
  9. ^^I got a Bordeaux beauty as well...the Christy. :girlsigh:
  10. How cool to find two of the same gorgeous bag with both types of hardware. Congrats Melly! :yes:
  11. ooh please post pictures when they arrive!
  12. Anybody been to Nordstrom at Tyson's Corner, Va., yet? How's the stock?
  13. I ordered a grey Marc Jacobs Mayfair!!! I can't believe it :smile:. I'm so excited!
    I had to make a couple phone calls before finding the right one on sale, but the board here has been very helpfull, TY!

    Here's a pic. Altho the color is called grey, it's actually rather brownish.
  14. ^^Congrats, Joke. How much did you get it for? I'm thinking about buying a Mayfair too.
  15. TY!
    Regular price was $895 and the Nordstrom presales were 40% off, so that makes about $537.