Who beside couturecreature got the Dentelle Kirsten?

  1. Just curious if anyone else on tpf got the kirsten. I am waitlisted for it, but think it's almost hopeless :crybaby: for me to get one. I soooooooooooo want one.
  2. I've got one at the store for me but I can't get it until the weekend. It was reserved for the first release but I couldn't get there in time to get it so they sold it to someone else & got me the next one
  3. I'm still waiting for my store to get one...
  4. That's awesome. You must post lots of pics.

    I should probably call the store to see what's going on, but I just have the attitude that if it's meant to be mine, then I will get it.
  5. Do they know if they are getting it at all?
  6. Back in December, they said that they would definitely get it. Now after all of these release dates have come by and still no Kirsten, they're not so sure anymore. I think all the Kirstens that actually arrived in US boutiques are currently being sold on eBay!!
  7. Sure seems like they are all on eBay. It's so sad that people buy them to make a profit (well for us who truly want the bags, anyways). Guess we'll just have to cross our fingers and wait.
  8. give your store a ring you never know if you show real interest they may move you up the list
  9. I was going to go on the list for one but decided against it - too limited here.
    Unfortunately there are plenty on eBay already.:cursing:
  10. I called the store. They are sold out. They say they will call me if they get another shipment. Doubt it. Oh well more money for other things.
  11. I'm waiting for my silver as well, my SA promised it will be here. Fingers crossed!
  12. you are going to get a silver kirsten too? omg i am so jealous.
  13. I telephone my SA at the Brisbane store on Thursday and she advised that they do not have any in stock and will ring me.
  14. You are soooooooooo lucky. Post pictures once you have the silver.
  15. so you must really love it that's good to hear I'm still in 2 minds about it leaning towards yes