Who believes LV should...

  1. Who believes LV should have an AUTHENTIC CHECK system???


    The bag has a micro chip inside...

    Scan the bag on the Louis Vuitton Scanner in Louis Vuitton Boutiques...

    Scanner: " ***Authentic Louis Vuitton, Speedy 40***." :tup:


    Scanner: ..........

    Louis Vuitton Boutique: :nogood::nogood::nogood:

    Customer: "....." :wtf:

    I'm scared of buying a Non-Authentic Louis Vuitton...AT THE BOUTIQUE!!!

    Someone might buy an Authentic...

    bring a NON-Authentic...and ask for a credit note!?

    :hrmm: etc...etc...etc...

    Fakers...can fake the bag 99% if they want!!! and hand make it!!! use 100% same materials...but...have ONE different stitch...etc...
  2. lol that's an interesting idea...but people are just as good at faking electronics and programs as they are at faking bags, if not better. so honestly, i don't think it would do much good! but it's funny, like microchipping a pet...hehe.
  3. haha not a bad idea at all, but I'm sure fakers would even find a way to fake the microchips/software.

    BTW, I love your creative use of smilies. haha. cute!
  4. hmm, i deff. dont think louis vuitton would be fooled into taking back a fake bag? I bet they inspect it thoroughly due to all the fakes and fraud.
  5. keep in mind if in the future they decided to add such technology to their merchandise for security purposes....the customers will fund it...a major price increase would follow
  6. Louis Vuitton does not resell returned bags though, so it's impossible for you to purchase someone's old fake bag. :confused1:
  7. They do re-sell returned bags if they are still in saleable condition. :smile:
  8. Trust me, the micro chip will be 1000% easier to duplicate than the bag.
  9. LV staff are trained to spot fake bags...I have NEVER in my life ever heard of anyone buying a FAKE bag at one of it's boutiques. You really have NOTHING to worry about.
  10. I don't think they would accept a fake bag. I've studied fakes for a while, just looking around and being bored, and there's ALWAYS something that you can tell that they are fake.
  11. when my mom returned a pochette it was THOROUGHLY inspected by the store's assistant manager. i think he spent a good 5 min. looking at it. so i'm confident that LV doesn't accept fakes as returns.
  12. They really inspect the bags...I doubt anyone would ever end up with a fake.
  13. people really have the guts to return fake LV to the boutiques?
    I wonder what happen to them...are they arrested? its a shame that counterfeiting goes so far...and more shameful that they get away with these things sometimes...
  14. Great point! :tup: This microchip thing has actually been brought up before in here. Still don't think it's necessary though... :nogood:
  15. With such an outstanding, well-established brand, I think having such technological advancements take away from the true nature of Louis Vuitton.

    But it would be cool!