Who beads?

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  1. Its sofa king addicting!

    What do i do with all this beaded jewlry lol.

    Where do you all order your beads?:yahoo:
  2. Me! I usually wear them myself or give to friends. Isn't it addicting?! :nuts: There's a seller on eBay with a large selection, I think the id is beadaholique or smth like that :yes: Fire Mountain Gems is great for buying a whole lot, I've yet to order from them though! I'd love to know of any other places to get materials too!
  3. its so addicting, i love fire mountain gems, they have hte best pricing!!
  4. Well, show us some of your work. :smile: I find making my own jewelry very therapuetic. If you can create something different/unique then try to sell it. It's a very competative market though.
  5. i get my beads from eBay, there are some good deals out there.
  6. I make jewelry to wear myself...and for the occasional gift.
  7. Here are a few things I made. I dont sell i just give as gifts to church members. I am making 10 necklaces for the retirement home they have bingo for the women and need prizes. Its very important to these women. Im an "ametuer beader" but I enjoy so much designing things for my friends and family.