Who babies their MONO bags?


Nov 25, 2007
When I was carrying my mono galliera, I would wipe it with a damp cloth every couple days. And believe it or not, dirt (or dust?) would come off. I did this very lightly. Is it weird to "baby" a bag in such a way? My Artsy MM will be here in less than 48 hours and I don't know if I should do the wiping down thing. My bags are on my shoulder and passenger seat in car so I don't know where the dirt/dust is coming from.


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Mar 21, 2009
USA - Nevada
hi...did u wipe the vachetta with the damp cloth as well? im always to scared to touch the vachetta on my galliera to not ruin it....i don't baby my bag that much...but i do try to be careful with it rubbing on certain clothes or places where i put it down.
Oct 29, 2008
Isn't that the truth! My straps on my Palermo is damaged by my dark jeans. I don't know how to fix it now. Sad Face.


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Feb 7, 2009
i dont. i love the look of vachette when it's new and i like to see the patina change over time.


Nov 25, 2007
NO, I do not wipe or touch the vachetta when I do this. On a rare occassion I do try to gently get the black off from the rings but it doesn't really come off. I'm just talking about the mono part of the bag.


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
Hokaplan, how old is your Galliera? I know of at least one person who had their entire bag replaced for free and it was over a year old. There was some kind of defect with the rings with the original Gallieras. Now LV coats them so the tarnishing doesn't happen anymore. LV won't tell you the date code where they "changed" the brass so you should bring it in and complain!
The new Gallieras don't leave the black marks on the vachetta since they "improved" them.
I definitely baby my mono bags. I won't use them if there's a chance of rain. Living in South Florida, you never know and I drive my husband crazy with the weather reports!!! Even if there's a sprinkle I use the umbrella-- but to protect my bag, not my hair, clothes, etc :biggrin:
When I use my Alma I put napkins down first. The good thing with my Noe is that I can hang it from my chair in a restaurant and then cover it with my jacket.
The other day I was at a bar and we had seats outside by the fountain. I could feel the spray when the wind changed. I freaked out and asked my friend if I could set my Speedy on her seat -(it was 1 huge lounge type chair-- room for two) and then I covered it with my sweater:P

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Sep 23, 2008
I guess I sort of baby all my bags LOL. With the mono, the only thing I baby is the vachetta, not the mono print fabric itself. The dirt/dust you wipe off is just probably from everday use of the purse. I imagine if I wiped down my mono bags they would probably be dirty as well. If you like doing it and it makes you feel better about your bag, I would continue doing that with the artsy, but if it bugs you, I don't think it's something that needs to be done every few days, maybe just once a month or so....but that's just me! Congrats on your new artsy!


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Jul 20, 2007
I baby mine for fun, not for worry. It's fun to make the plaque on my Galliera shine and the vachetta on my other bags clean & shiny. I'm trying to wear all my bags to death while keeping them pretty :P . Congrats on your Artsy, it's TDF and whether you decide to baby it or not, just ENJOY it!


Jul 5, 2009
i don't baby mine at all, haha! you will be fine, LVs are known to be durable and the mono line is no exception!


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
I only baby my new bags, and the ones that are more special. I hope this doesn't sound terrible, but I only got a Speedy because one girl in my college dorm had one that she kept swinging in my face (even though I had a Fendi Spy that she didn't recognize). So when I got that I kind of treated it roughly because I didn't want to make it look like I really cherished it that much (though I do have to admit it has grown to be my 2nd favorite, my Artsy being the 1st). I am totally babying my Artsy though!! I try not to touch the Vachetta, and whenever I have to take it with me into a restroom, I cover the purse hook and part of the door with seat covers (OCD, I KNOW!) just so it doesn't have to touch anything!


Dec 15, 2009
I only have one mono purse but I don't baby any of my mono items...except maybe my mini pochette which I love best. :smile:)))