Who are your style idols and why?

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  1. Ah yes! Ines de la Fressange! Being a child of the 80's, how could I have forgotten her?! Tremendous style, that one! Now that she's in her 40's, she looks chicer than ever.

    Carla is on the Sept cover of Vanity Fair being touted as the next Jackie O. She has the potential, however, she's much more bohemain than Jackie ever was.
  2. LOL!

    Well you know her famous quote that, after 40, a woman has to choose between "her a** and her face."

    So true.

    She has not subscribed to the bone thin look as she's aged and has stayed on the slightly heavier side. I think she looks all the better for it.
    Great role model.

    And she still looks fabulous in everything!
  3. Bless your little heart, nowwhat!!!
    I am so glad you said that. I consider myself just that...usually!
    Very sad, however, there are none of "us" listed as fashion icons. Are there any? Along with my two H bags, a never-ending collection of H silk, and Chanel and LV bags, I dress simply. Never wear anything that would call too much attention to myself. I like my black St John pieces and sometimes, I do spice it up a little with a punch of color on top. Maybe a jacket or sweater set.
    Unfortunately, I can't think of any middle aged, plus size women in the public eye (who look good.) Maybe I'm just too old....
  4. My Mom, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Isabella Rosellini, Lauren Hutton (to name but a few)....... MaiTai, LaVan, MsPiggy, Whitebirkin, ILML, VanMiracle, Joanna (who has not been on for a while but is the Queen of pochettes) and all the other wonderful ladies on the scarf and action threads who provide me with daily inspiration.
  5. My style idols are:

    Kate Moss - love her Britishness. Of late she's been a little uninspired but you just know she can pull it out the bag when she needs to plus I love the whole jeans and suit jacket look that she rocks
    Audrey Hepburn - goes without saying....chic, chic, chic! She showed how accessories really pull an outfit together
    Carrie Bradshaw - I've lost count of how many of my outfits have been inspired by her in one way or another
  6. Queen Latifah, Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, Jacklyn Smith.

    Basically a woman who wears her clothes with confidence and happiness. I woman who dresses how old she feels that day. I'm not saying dress a certain age, just dress how you feel for the day.
  7. ***love this thread***:tup:

    gwyneth paltrow-cool classic blonde
    penelope cruz-cool classic chic fresh
    brooke shields-stunningly classic beauty
    audrey hepburn-'breakfast at tiffany's' classic
    princess diana-no other beauty matches her kindness
    carolyn bessette kennedy-another cool classic blonde
    coco chanel-need I say more?
  8. Rose:heart:, you've definitely inspired me to have an entire closet full of shift dresses, and of course scarves.
  9. I just wish that all those who have expressed admiration for Kath-A-rine Hepburn would take the time to spell her name right. Sorry but its a pet peeve of mine.

    My style idol is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Better known as just Barbie.
  10. Mine are :
    Jane Birkin , Kate Moss, Mick Jagger .
  11. My Mother :heart:
    Innately stylish, beautiful inside and out.
  12. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: OOps! :sweatdrop: Sorry! Think I had a couple of glasses of champagne before I wrote that....:rolleyes: