Who are your style idols and why?

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  1. Audrey Hepburn. Love the understated-ness and clean lines.
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    Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Moehning's character Shane on the L Word.....oh yes, and the young Obi Wan Kenobe in the StarWars prequel...Why? In the case of Kate Moss: I have similar physiogomy (height, weight, body type) so what looks good on her, generally works on me....Cate Blanchette - similar coloring to me, so color scheme that looks good on her, generally works on me....Kathryn Moehning's Shane - perfect balance of feminine and masculine sides of a woman's personality. Psychically, this is generally my comfort zone.
  3. Kate Moss - she rarely gets it wrong and she wears everything from couture to vintage to department store with style.

    Carolyne Bessette Kennedy - the epitome of modern, classic yet edgy style. I loved it when she wore Commes de Garcons and Yamamoto one day, with classic Prada the next.

    Gwenyth Paltrow - though I've never liked her on a personal level, I must admit she always looks great.

    Kate Spade - I love this woman's quirky, retro modern fashion sense. She never looks boring or cookie cutter. She also has an incredible way of mixing colors. I wish she designed clothes.

    And, yup. ILML ranks up there. Incredible taste and personal style. I love her edgy choices that somehow always look classic on her. She's another one that never looks boring or cookie cutter.
  4. I echo sin verguenza, Kate Spade has fantastic style. I love anyone who adores paper and stationery the way she does. Her bags and shoes have an iconic quality. I read an interview with her where she said she does her own hair and makeup for events. I loved that -- it shows she's more interested in looking like her authentic self than an airbrushed version of herself.

    Carolina Herrera, for her crisp white shirts, pencil skirts and love of high, high heels, even at her age.

    Catherine Deneuve, for aging so gracefully. Also Adrienne Vittadini.

    Jenna Lyons, the creative director of JCrew. She's got a Kate Spade-type love of bold shapes and color. And she adores H!

    Diane Keaton, even though she sometimes looks overly "costumey." The gloves, the turtlenecks, the pearls. Definitely not afraid to accessorize!

    Of course, Jackie O and CBK. No one will ever rival CBK for casual elegance.

    Selma Blair. And Chloe Sevigny, for laughs.
  5. I really like the style of all the gorgeous ladies mentioned above and would like to add Elle Macpherson.
  6. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Babe Paley, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Carolina Herrera lead the list, but are quickly followed by many of tpf ladies, in particular S'Mom. I prefer a classic, understated elegant look and a woman who wears her clothes, not the clothes wearing her. A truly elegant woman has an ease - a grace - about her - never fusses with her clothes - never tries too hard to be chic.
  7. Audrey Hepburn & Jackie Kennedy hands down! :yes:
  8. Marlene Dietrich......Jane Birkin........Slim Keith
  9. I forgot one - Uma Thurman.
  10. vixtress, Good thread!

    Jackie, Audrey, Princess Diana...they made style
    look so effortless. :smile:
  11. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Hepburn, Kate Moss, Diana Vreeland, Nan Kempner, Jackie O, Gwen Stefani, Carine Roitfeld,

    Why? These women are stylemakers, not followers of fashion. They all have a unique, inimitable, intrinsic style sense which others only try to copy. Everything they wear is effortless, natural 0and not overly "styled".
  12. I like the style of all ladies already mentionned but have to say that the names that instantly came to my mind when I saw the title of this thread were somewhat different: ILML, Accessorize*me, DiamondS, WB, Ms Piggy, PBC and all other ladies who have showed their amazing pictures in the action thread!!!!!
  13. Maybe this is anti-style, but mine is Jennifer Aniston. I love her casual, breezy look with minimal accessories, and the Massai looks absolutely perfect on her. I also love her endless supply of scarves (mostly non-H pashmina-types, but still gorgeous).
  14. Miuccia Prada coz she's just crazy - she can wear totally insane clothes and make them look so fabulous I feel like running to the nearest Prada store and get the exact same outfit. She's just perfect!

    I also love Rick Owens - he's a guy, but he wears (chunky) heels and skinny jeans and tops that would all look fab on any woman. I love his clothes.

    Daria Werbowy just because I'd do just about anything to look like her. And she has that very cool, effortless look about her.
  15. Mine is more like a mixture of the styles of the following ladies:

    - Audrey Hepburn
    - Cate Blanchett
    - Miuccia Prada
    - Carrie Bradshaw (ok, I know she's fictitious but love her clothes on SATC)
    - Carolyne Bessette Kennedy
    - Carolina Herrera
    - Grace Kelly