Who are your style idols and why?

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  1. Here are some of mine:

    :heart: Greta Garbo, Suzi Parker, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Morticia Addams, Catwoman, Geishas, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Deneuve, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.... looking at my list I can't exactly tell you why-other than mystique,elegance, chic and individuality. :rolleyes:
  2. Babe Paley...............Gloria Vanderbilt
  3. Any plus sized lady dressed well and looking good.:wlae:
  4. Gosh great thread! I guess it would have to be...My Mum, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, ILML, WB, All the other ladies on tPF ( they always look so great!) wow too many to list!
  5. :tup: Thank you so much, Julide for mentioning your mother and the TPF ladies - ITA!
    They are amazing and inspirational :yes:
  6. :blush:Gee thanks!:shame:
  7. Good ones!:tup:
  8. I would say all of the forum members that I know. I am fashion challenged if put it mildly. I love to see the action pics. They give me ideas, true fashion on real people.
  9. Victoria Beckam, for sure.
  10. Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham.
  11. I like individuals who have cultivated their own personal/distinctive style, whether it agrees with my own or not.

    Cate Blanchett
    Dita Von Teese
    Daphne Guinness
    Nicole Kidman
    Ashley Olsen
    Coco Chanel
    Carine Roitfeld
    TPF's ilovemylife

    And embarassing as it is to admit....Victoria Beckham.
  12. Sofia Loren, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn - they had classic style. Todays style icons for me are Iman, Oprah, Kimora Lee Simmons, Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway.
  13. I just have one Style Idol : ILML :heart: !!
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    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    Mine has got to be:
    Lee Radziwill
    Lynn Wyatt
    Coco Chanel
    Cate Blanchett

    Because their style is timeless, elegant, and all woman.
  15. Gasp!:nuts: Thank you, sweetie! That's a huge compliment!