Who are your style icons & who are the anti?

  1. Who are your favorite style icons? Mine are my grandmother, mother & aunt who always said you have to have a good bag and good shoes. I was always really proud of my mother when she came to pick me up from school. Past style icon: Audrey Hepburn and today I think I would go for Scarlett Johannssen (even though she's 12 years younger than me), she always looks stylish.
    And for me, without doubt, the worst in the style awards is Paris Hilton!
  2. fave style icon : kate moss

    anti : victoria beckham
  3. Icon: Diane Von furstenberg: because there is nothing more stylish, beautiful and timeless than looking like you enjoy everyday of your life.
    Anti: The Olsens: Don't they realise how far they are from fashion icons now. I can't stand them, they look like bag ladies.
  4. Hah! I second both of those antis too!!
  5. DB cos he always looks pulled together...

    (it would b VB if i was a female tho)
  6. I side with you Baglady. Scarlett even with her comments about being 'fat' lately, remind me that women do have booty and boobs.

    My anti... maybe the Olsen twins. Homeless is not chic.
  7. Style Icon: Kylie MInogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss

    Anti : Nicole Richie ( too skinny!), Olsen Twins ( look like bag ladies)
  8. I think my style icon is nicole kidman.
  9. fan Stuff from 80's movies combined with current trends and my own imagination (There are so many designers that I also like, at the moment I'm in love with Viktor&Rolf)

    anti Victoria beckham. She's trying too hard.
  10. Style Icon: Orlando Bloom and Jude Law
    Anti: Kevin Federline and Pete Doherty (please disappear into the holes you came from...)
  11. I don't know that she's an "icon" of style, but I always love the way that Catherine Zeta Jones looks. Sexy, confident, and a bit classic. I'd love to mirror that style and attitude.

    Anti: Britney Spears. I'm convinced that she doesn't own a single mirror. Who would go out in public looking that bad intentionally??
  12. Gwyneth Paltrow has a great classic style...so does Katie Holmes. I would have to agree with Kore - Britney Spears is the anti!
  13. Jennifer Aniston always looks gorgeous, simple and elegant.
    Anti: Olsens, Victoria Beckham, Sienna MIller, Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc. etc.!!!
  14. Style: Grace Kelly

    Anti: Brittany Spears/ Paris Hilton etc
  15. Jennifer Aniston is definitely my icon. She and I have VERY similar taste. I really appreciate her focus on neutral colors and clean lines, and scrupulous attention to fit and condition of each item as opposed to elaborate detailing or trendy styling. :yes:

    I agree with ALL of the "antis" posted so far.