Who are your personal style icons?

  1. If you could raid a closet, walk in their designer shoes or have their style who would it be? And How many do you have?:graucho:

    Mine: (no particular order)

    Mischa Barton
    The Olsen Twins
    Jackie O
    Audrey Hepburn
    Sienna Miller
    Kate Moss
    Naomi Campbell
    Princess Diana:crybaby:
    Nicole Richie
    Scarlett Johansson

    I'll have to think of the others...;)
  2. no order......just love their style.

    natalie portman (red carpet only)
    ashley olsen
    jessica biel
    cameron diaz (don't care for her movies though)
    jessica alba
    maria menounos
    jennifer garner (red carpet only)
  3. Gosh, I guess I'd have to say the ladies that are really classice and wear a lot of simple, clean lines. Princess Grace, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, and believe it or not, Laura Petrie (from the old Dick Van Dyke show). I just love those pants with the slits at the ankles and the close-fitting, but tasteful tops.
  4. Nicole Richie. Her everyday and red carpet style are normally on point (there have been a few exceptions). And her BALENCIAGA collection is TDF!!
  5. Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie - I love how they accessorize!
  6. Edith Head
    Irina Lazareanu
    Catherine Deneuve (especially in Belle Du Jour)
  7. Dorothy Dandrige
    Marilyn Monroe
    Audrey Hepburn
    Halle Berry
    Eva Mendes

    Every one of these ladies have class and sex appeal. That is what I find inspiring.
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  8. A cliche I know but Grace Kelly had amazing style. And all the hitchcock heroines.
    But as for the celebrities nowaday.. err..
    well Cate Blanchett actually dresses nicely.
  9. Nicole Richie[it would be a dream to raid her wardrobe haha:heart:]
    Hanna Beth[only famous on the internet but I like her style although it's not that unique]
  10. I wouldn't say they are my icon's, but I really love Mandy Moore and Sarah Michelle Gellar's styles. There have only been rare occassions when I didn't like something they had on either on the red carpet or just everyday clothing. Sadly I have to admit in the last year and a half I really like Hilary Duff's style as well.
  11. i would raid rachel zoe's wardrobe... i'm guessing she has an absolutely insane one:tup:
  12. Good one!
  13. Let's see.. Maria Callas, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Liv Tyler, and the Olsens (if I could carry off their style lol).

  14. Have you seen that article in ELLE magazine that was published about a year ago??

    It showed her house and there was this one picture of her closet... :nuts::drool:
  15. Let's see...

    Isabella Blow (let her rest)
    Anna Piaggi
    Clara Bow (in the '20s)
    Diana Vreeland
    Patricia Field
    the Marchesa Luisa Casati