Who Are Your Heroes & Idols??

  1. ...family members, famous people, historical figures, fictional characters??? Anyone that is larger than life to you for whatever reason. You can tell me why, or not whatever you want. I'd just love to know!

    Here are some of mine:

    Zinedine Zidane - controversial, maybe, but I'll never apologize:tup:
    Bruce Springsteen - totally epic and inspired and sincere, always.
    Mike McCready - from Pearl Jam, my first **idol**
    John Frusciante - from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, just a genius untouched by reality, in the best way possible.
    My old, dear friend she was an Austrian Jew whose family disappeared leading up to WW2 and she came to the US and became a doctor. The only person who *knew* I would do something great!

    Every writer who ever wrote any story I have loved
    - fiction, fantasy, and alternate realities make my world go 'round. And it all comes from one woman or man's mind.

    Detective Olivia Benson - I'm just adding her here because I was just watching SVU and I love her so g-damn much. If anything mildly bad ever happens to me I am calling her to rescue me:biggrin:
    And also because I need someone to represent every fictional character that has blown me away. There are so so many.

    There are more but I won't go on! I want to hear yours.
  2. My Dad is my hero.:heart:
  3. ^Same here, especially now. :heart:
  4. My mom, without a doubt. She made sure we had the best of everything growing up. (Dad was there, but mom pushed for going to good schools, being the best, living in a nice home, etc.) She was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in Sept. 2004. She did chemo and radiation while owning and working at her salon 50-60hrs per week, and continued to bodybuild 6 days per week. She's cancer free now. She's 60yrs old, wears a size 4 and has one of the most awesome bodies I've ever seen. Guys my age (30's) ask her out all the time. I've only seen her cry when my grandma died. She is the strongest woman (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that I know.
  5. All the soldiers I have the pleasure and good fortune to work with and execute our lifesaving mission with the utmost of precision.

    All the soldiers I don't work with who are out there busting their collective @sses even when people don't support them after they get home.

    All the people that do support us.

    All the people that don't. Having an ideal and sticking to it is admirable.

    Sidney Sheldon, Eve Ensler, other creative-minded folk that made an indelible mark on the world with their life of the mind.


    My philosophy professors.

    My brothers.

    My husband.
  6. My beloved soon to be husband, I miss you so much.

    Our armed service personnel for their dedication against all odds and love of their country.

    I also reallly admire my little brother, a smashing little boy who has grown up to be a hardworking, honourable and kind soul.
  7. my parents
  8. My mom.
  9. My Mom, for all that she has taught me.

    One of my professors in college for giving me inspiration for the rest of my life.
  10. My parents for making me the strong person I am today.
  11. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman! Congrats on her being cancer free!:yahoo:
  12. Defiantely my Mom. She is the strongest woman I know. She's lost 2 of her sisters to MS and cancer and is going through it again with her other sister who has cancer. I never treated her very nice when I was younger but now we are best friends and I wouldn't trade her for anything.
  13. Dad and DH
  14. My mom, my dad, and my grandma.
  15. Both of my parents! They both left different countries at a young age without any family and "made" it, they both had the courage to leave behind there loved ones to better themselves for there family. Some how in this huge world they met in buffalo. My dad worked all the time to provide for us and my mom was a nurse then left the hospitals to have and raise 10 children, not to mention all the"stray friends" that would pit stop at our house. They never said no, or that they didn't have room for them and they never took handouts my dad taught me the importance of pride and respect and my mother, patience and strength. She always reminded me you have options, do whatever will make YOU happy in YOUR life. great message for a young woman!