Who are your favorite ETSY.com Sellers?

  1. I have an addition to Etsy...seriously a sickness. I spend as much there as I do at Nordstrom and Target, two stores that are guaranteed to get my money immediately, I spontaneously combust in them...

    I was just curious who you loved on Etsy and what they sell.

    My favorites:
    for wallets and cute little accessories

    for purse organizers

    for lotions and body things (my coworker is addicted!)
    Gudonya (LOVE)
    DistilledRose (great lip balm)
  2. Great idea! I haven't gone crazy on Etsy yet, but that doesn't mean I won't. I'm trying to get away from eBay for some things, and Etsy fits the bill perfectly. This site will be a boon for me for Christmas shopping. I love to browse - and I get ideas for my own crafts - and ... so far I'm finding things that are cheaper to BUY than it is to make myself.

    So far I've purchased a tote from pamelaquilts (see it here)

    Beaded eyeglass holder and ID badge holder from maggie (see one of them here) The eyeglass holder was for myself, and a co-worker liked it so much she wanted an ID holder - so I checked, and sure enough Maggie makes 'em! My CW was very pleased with hers.

    And a really clever little leather purse/pouch from callatya (see it here.)

    HOWEVER - the picture of the leather pouch was light blue with magenta lacing, and what I got today was a forest green/blue with burgundy lacing item - I wouldn't have purchased it in those colors. But the pouch is pretty and well made, so - I've sent her a note, we'll see if she refunds anything. It didn't cost very much to begin with. I'll use it as a gift for somebody...

    So, not too experienced at this, but plan to be!
  3. heavenly scents by sue (madcitysue) AMAZING shower parfaits, scrubs and all things delish for the bath!
  4. Great sellers!!!!

    I hope the pouch gets resolved, Im sure they'll take care of it :smile:
  5. ame, when you looked at the photos of the pouch, what did you think? Light blue, am I right? And anybody else who wants to take a minute - please look and tell me what you think. I *know* my monitor is not that bad!
  6. Oh, good idea for a thread. I haven't tried anything from etsy yet, but have been wanting too.
  7. etcetrix

    Actually a member here! (and no, we're not friends, I've never even talked to her!) i love the vintage-like jewelry. I seriously visit that sellers page everyday. Can't decide what to get!
  8. Ame, I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite thread on tpf. :smile: Etsy is simply awesome! Juneplum, I've read so much good feedback on madcitysue, great to hear from someone who has actually bought from her.

    In a rush to go off to work so I shall mention just seven sellers for now:

    seabreezestudio - bought a messenger from her


    Gudonya - bought floap from her, superb customer service


    majo - LOVE her miniature paintings


    littleputbooks - bought two of her pretty little Scrabble pendants, the boxes in which they come are so adorable. Asked her to custom-make three Scrabble journals as gifts - the recipients loved them (well, two of the three did, I haven't actually heard from the third).


    thedogcoatlady - love her magnets and buttons (many are about animal rights):


    JOYouz - ordered two of her booklaces as gifts for friends overseas, very well received.


    jennalou06 - bought two credit card cases from her.

  9. yaaay! trust me, you will not be dissapointed in her products.. her shower parfaits are DIVINE! my faves are red velvet, lemon meringue, cotton candy twist, good karma, frosted pink cupcakes, italian cream cake, caramel corn crunch, almond coconut and i could go on and on and on... :roflmfao: seriously though, they are super creamy, wonderfully scented, and lather like crazy! mounds of amazingly scented bubbles.. mmmm! her scrubs are terrific! if you like scrubs that are on the scrubbier, oilier more hydrating side they will be perfect for you! her lotions are great and her blackberry jam soy candles smell sooo good! i lovvve her stuff! in fact if you'd like, i'd be more than happy to send you a few samples of stuff i've bought from her! pm me :biggrin:
  10. I just ordered some sample body sprays from her too. I just wish they can get here faster.... I am getting so anxious...

  11. I am also addicted to etsy too!!! I am always looking for new Blythe doll related items to buy and new soaps and bath and body stuff to try.

    I also just ordered some soap popsicles from soapylove... and she has really good feedback on them...
  12. oh and sue always adds great extras to your purchase :smile: another one i just ordered from on etsy is rainforestsoapshack. i've heard great things about them so i ordered a few things - i haven't gotten them yet but i'll keep you posted!
  13. Never heard of it, gonna go check it out....
  14. I bought a vintage typewriter key bracelet from KeysandMemories...BEAUTIFUL, well made and about 100 bones cheaper than ones I've seen before. WILL buy from her again! http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=5499893 She communicated SO well. I had her take off the bead and change the clasp. Mine didn't 'say' anything...it was random (kind of...had a secret code actually)

    Littleputbooks...cute pendant

    eowensby....I've been purchasing personalized burp clothes w/darling ribbons and colors for my baby gifts.

    And, probably my favorite because I just really love her stuff, is Kellyrae. I've bought 'wear red shoes' and 'friendship' from her. VERY pleased w/both. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=46872

    Give me time...I keep buying....(THanks dear Passerby)