Who are your favorite artists?

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  1. I like to look at lots of art to inspire me, when I'm under artist's block, so I thought that it might be a good idea to keep a list of all of our favorites :smile: We can also support fellow artists this way! In fact, I made one of my new year's resolutions to buy less clothing and accessories, and buy more art from independent artists and freelancers. They are the people who need the money and deserve it, in my opinion. :smile:

    So, who are your favorite artists?

    They can be any kinds of artists: current, past, well-known, unknown, painters, sculptors, drawers, photographers, designers, knitters, quilters, polymer clay artists, whoever you really enjoy looking at!:heart:
  2. Okay, I'll start:

    my favorite artists are:
    1) Will Cotton-I am crazy over his sweet landscapes! I got his art book for Christmas, and since I asked my mom to get it for me I think she was a little shocked that there were some naked ladies on the front, but they don't look porn-ish at all. They look lovely, happy, and serene! And you just can't miss his landscapes made out of churros, donuts, whipped cream, ice-cream, candy canes, and everything else! Check his work out on willcotton.com

    2) Liz Lorini- she's a friend I met on deviantart.com, she could not be nicer and her work is so fun and colorful! Her girls are lovely, and their long, swirling hair is just gorgeous! She's a bit more manga-ish and cartoony, there isn't really one word that describes her work style, except for "sweet!" Check out her work and buy it on misskika.com

    3) Botticelli- If I had to name one favorite artist from the past, he's definitely my favorite for pieces like Primavera and Birth of Venus. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    4) Amy Brown- cutest and most mischievous fairies ever! She does amazing watercolor work! Her work is on amybrownart.com

    5) Andrew Wyeth- most amazing watercolor work ever, I don't care what the stupid art critics say, this man's art is amazing. It's amazing to comprehend that these are made out of watercolors!

    And I have lots more, but I'll just post these for now. Can't wait to see whose all of yours are! :heart:
  3. I have some more but will have to dig up their names:

    My ultimates are Degas (any of the dance pieces) and Monet! :heart: (Totally unoriginal, I know... but man oh man I love the soft colors, dance and flowers!)
  4. I like Monet too! My favorite artists are: Rene Magritte, John Waterhouse, and Peter Ellenshaw.
  5. I love Dave DeVary.

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  6. Tpf's own CandyJanney is an amazing artist. She has a link to her website in her sig :tup:
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    I have a few Andy Warhol prints hanging in my bedroom. My Uncle(great) and Cousin(2nd) are very established artists. I appreciate their work. I'm just really getting into art so I don't have any favorites off the top of my head.
  8. hi I like Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown, 50 cent, Soljaboy

    that's big hits here.

  9. After going to Rome and Florence I would have to say Michelangelo. He was ridiculously talented and a jack of all trades.
  10. I love so many that it's hard to pick out a favorite. Depends on my mood...
  11. I have a few.. I love Manet, Monet, renoir,Van gogh, Salvador dali, picasso, okay I'll stop here..
  12. i love Klimt:




    there are more, but im feeling lazy at the moment....lol
  13. I can't say I'm a Rothko fan, but I do love Klimt! :heart:
  14. For contemporary artists, I love Bev Doolittle & Bill Mack.

    Bill Mack's relief sculpture is gorgeous. Hubby & I tripped into a gallery in SF years ago. Too bad we were too young & poor to afford anything. Prices are even higher now.

    I also love illustrations by Thomas Canty & Charles Vess and multimedia art by Dave McKean.

    For Classic artists, there are many. But I love Gianlorenzo Bernini's sculpture. Amazing.
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    Ohhhh I looked in my college sketchbook and found the name of an artist I am crazy about... Beatriz Milhazes! She does some really unique, colorful work (examples: http://www.jamescohan.com/artists/beatriz-milhazes/selected-works-all/).

    Her technique is really cool... "
    The artist frequently works with circular forms, suggesting displacements that are sometimes concentric and sometimes expansive. In most of her works, she prepares images on transparent plastic which are unglued like films, and applied to the canvas by transfer. She agglomerates images, filling the background and retouching the final image. The motifs and colours are transported to the canvas by means of successive collages, realised with precision. The transfer of images from the smooth surface to the canvas almost results in the elimination of gestuality. The pictorial material obtained by numerous superpositions does not however present any thickness: the motifs of ornamentation and arabesques are placed in the foreground. The eye of the spectator is obliged to move over all the images, accompanying the graphic and chromatic exuberance present in her paintings."

    A video of works and interview with the artist: http://www.jamescohan.com/artists/beatriz-milhazes/video/ This video also has a short, kinda-sorta demonstration of her cool paint-on-plastic technique and then adhere to the canvas!

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