Who are Vlad and Megs?

  1. I hope this doesn't sound intrusive or nosey, but I am so interested in your backgrounds, Vlad and Megs! Who are you? What made you start this forum? Have you always wanted to do something like this? Something else and just fell into this? How can you still be going strong about bags after all this time?! so many questions! :shame:

    I've tried doing a search to see if you had an intro page, but just imagine how many hits I got searching for "Megs" and "Vlad"!

    I'm not after any personal details LOL - I definitely don't want your bank account details or anything like that! I hope you don't take any offense to this thread... it's just genuine interest and a little bit of curiosity!

    ...and what about all our other mods - please come in and share your stories!:heart:
  2. oh what a darling idea, getting to know the owners and mods :smile: I've read a lot of the old posts, but it would be nice to hear some more.
  3. If u go to the main page..there in an intro thread called WHO THE HECK ARE U.....intros are in there...but they are older..over a year old...So Ill leave this one open too...!!!!
  4. They're government operatives...that's all I know, and by just knowing that much...I could lose my life!!!

    If you don't hear from me tomorrow, tell my son and Kara I love them!
  5. OK..Ill start as a MOD!
    My name is Jill.....Im a SAHM of 2 kids...I have 2 girls Ages 11 and 17(older one is out of house as she graduated HS early!).I have 2 boy dogs.Both SHIBA INUS...one is 12(a cuddlebug!) and one is 1 yr old(HE is a maniac)...LOL!
    I live in SOuthern NJ outside Philly.I love to collect bags,shoes and accessories..and YES,I have a shopping problem..LMAO!
    I also LOVE to travel and have been fortunate enough to go to FRANCE WITH another PFer (JILLYBEAN!!!)I met here!
    I have made the best of friends thru the PF....I can honestly say 3 of my closest friends are ALL PFers!
    I am on the PF EVERYDAY......and I love it here.Its amazing the friendships u can make here thanks to Vlad and Megs creating this fabulous site.
    I never would have met Selena(well..she lives a block away...LOL!),Jillybean,Doulos,Coachwife,D &g Rockstar...and many more dear friends..if it hadnt been for them starting this fab forum!
  6. I thought they work for LVMH :confused1:......................................:roflmfao:
  7. I like long walks in the rain, lollipops and kittens named Snow. Oh, ooopsy, wrong forum. :rolleyes:
  8. i'm Amanda, i'm one of the global mods on the board. I'm a 21-year-old single college senior at the University of Georgia. I was born and raised in Atlanta and moved to Athens for college. I have lots and lots of dating drama and i just moved in to a brand new apartment with my friend Katie.
  9. Does she really? Neat!
  10. cute thread!
  11. Hubba -- that's very funny !! Made me really LOL.
  12. K folks, come out, come out wherever you are :smile: