Who are these "they" people?

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    So I am normally in the Balenciaga/Chanel/LV forums, but this year I made myself a promise that I would explore other brands to diversify my collection. Hence, here I am in the Celine section. Hello! :wave:

    Of course I know of Celine and the beautiful luggage tote (you would have to be living under a rock not to), but as I am perusing the threads in the sub-forum I am seeing a general theme of panic around whether or not Celine's most recognized models are going out of style, or are only a trend, or "is it too late to buy" comments. In all of these threads there is always a mysterious "they" who is referenced.Who are these people? :shrugs: Random bloggers? Self-proclaimed fashionistas of instagram? People's whose jobs it is to post new handbag purchases up on their sites? If so, of course you aren't going to see them post the same bag over and over, since it's in their best interest to always show new bags.

    So my question is, who are these "they" that is so frequently referenced and why do they wield so much power, especially over our purchasing decisions? I remember when the Balenciaga City came out, every two years someone would post a "does it have staying power" comment. The one-off question appeared like clockwork every two years: 2006, 2008 all the way to 2016. Even thought Balenciaga appears routinely in articles ranking the Top 10 "classic" designer bags, people still allow the "they" people to infiltrate their minds...and then we get the random thread asking the question of is it dated, etc. that throws doubt into the general populous.

    Personally, I think a brand's longevity is driven by it's consumer base, and from what I can see, Celine fans are die-hard lovers of the design. And there are a ton of them. Instead of being victims to these "they" people, let's take a hold of the control and drive the longevity of a bag! Say to these "they" people, you don't get to influence my decisions!

    I just wanted to share my Sunday musings. Back to your regular programming now. :lol:

    Oh, btw, I plan on adding a Trapeze to my collection, be damn if I am 5 years late to the game. :P
  2. Hi! I was one of the individuals concerned that the Micro luggage was "DATED" LOL. I eventually realized that I was being ridiculous and purchased brand new from the Celine boutique about four weeks ago. The bag is a gorgeous leather powerhouse, and I love it!!
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    Hi Stefani,

    I didn't start the thread to single anyone out, since I know the whisper of concern actually goes through everyone's head (even my own from time to time)! :yes: You were actually brave enough to voice your concern, which I am sure provided relief for many, as the responses confirmed that the MICRO is indeed, not dated. I am glad to hear that you love your new MICRO. :smile:
  4. I believe if you wear a classic bag with confidence it's always in style! Celine makes gorgeous bags that I'll still be wearing 10 years from now and won't let any "they's" stop me, Lol!
  5. I had my heart set on a Celine Luggage Tote (specifically the Nano) a few weeks ago. My SA in Houston (I live in Austin) held it for me until I could make it down to purchase. Before I headed down, I frequented this section of tPF and came across all of the threads saying that Celine was just a trend and the effect has kid of worn off. I began doubting my initial instincts... Then realized, I could care less about what is "in," and what is "out."

    The fact of the matter is: these bags will always be a classic no matter how much time passes. They're luxurious and are just the right amount of edgy, functional, and elegant.

    Nobody should deter you from buying something you love! Besides, I'm by no means a public figure or anything, so I don't have anyone to impress or anyone to judge me for being out of style. :lol::lol:
  6. Thanks lordguinny for this wonderful and enlightening post!!!! I am one of the consumers who fall prey to what 'they' think. I'll have to do some serious inner thinking to see if the Celine luggage fits me and my style, and not what others think! :smile:
  7. Did you ever end up going down and getting your Nano? It's so cute!
  8. Gemma, if I said that I never paused to ponder the thoughts of the "they" I would be lying! :biggrin: But I thought about it once, and realized that their living is based on continually engaging their audience with new and exciting looks/designs. If they were always showing the same bag over and over they would have to depend more on their clothing to keep them "fresh". And honestly, some bloggers depend too much on their purse to pull their look together. So for them, it's easier and quicker to switch up their bags.

    For example, Wendy, from http://www.wendyslookbook.com/, frequently showcases Celine in her spots (she especially loves the luggage and trapeze)...but that's because her style is wonderful and she doesn't depend on the bag alone to make her on-point or current. I believe Wendy is frequently ranked as one of the top fashion bloggers as well. :P

    I wonder how many years Celine will have to endure before the question about whether or not it's a classic will prevail. Like I mentioned, even 10 years later and Balenciaga occasionally gets the "is it still in" question. Maybe 10 is the magic "staying power" number? :lol:
  9. Love love love this! I tend to forget that bloggers' lifestyles are way different than mine. And Wendy is definitely one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and I wish I had impeccable style like her. It seems like whether 'they' like it or not, the Celine luggage is here to stay for years to come. I get the impression that current luggage owners are in still in love with their bags. :hbeat:
  10. lordguinny, i see where you're coming from! i don't know why the "they" wield so much power over our decisions.

    i am personally considering a celine luggage (mini or micro) and it has crossed my mind whether this style was too recognised and/or going out of style. i think at the end of the day if i have my heart set on a particular bag, and i can see myself wearing it/getting use of it in 10 years time, i will purchase no matter what the general sentiment of the "they"

    for me, a bag is a huge investment and i spend a lot of time saving up for them. therefore (i try) to consider my feelings towards the bag and my predicted use (taking into account practicality) first and foremost when making my decision!
  11. I've noticed that when posters feel that a bag is dated it's often because they are "everywhere".

    I have also read many posts whereby buyers are urged to buy the classic Chanel flap rather than the other trendy bag they liked. If it is indeed due to over saturation then the flap has surely had its day. Where do you draw the line. If it's about having a style that no one else has, with premier bags that's simply not possible.

    I personally have never been influenced by what's in fashion. I buy what I like and what suits me. I don't care if three people on my street have the same bag as me or whether it's 5 years old. I am not a sheep.
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  13. I think I'm too old for this what's in what's out game. I carry bags that are no longer in.

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