Who are these Bebe shoes copying?

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  1. It is well known that Bebe copies all their shoe designs from famous design houses. Anyone know who these shoes are copied from?

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  2. I might be wrong but I think there are some YSL's that look kind of similar to those...
  3. something reminscent to me of maybe prada/miu miu?

    I have noticed that Steve Madden LOVES to steal, er copy, any and all Giuseppe Zanotti designs. Bebe and Guess have their favorite brands to copy as well - Guess tends to do a lot of YSL and CL copies.
  4. They kind of remind me of Jimmy Choo.
  5. Thanks everyone - still can't find the originals. I have this pair and it is super comfortable and looks great. But I want the originals :sad:
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    definitely Miu miu , they come in peep toe and closed toe version and i know prada has something similar also .