Who are the surgeons of those Instagram stars?

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  1. Message them each and ask?
  2. LOL autoblock
  3. There are lots of talented cosmetic plastic surgeons out there. And that don't mean just cosmetic surgeons of the stars. For example if you go to the Philippines, there are a lot of qualified, good surgeons there. My advice is that patients looking at having plastic surgery ( here and abroad) should know that choosing the right surgeon should be made with keen eye to the credentials of the surgeons rather than the popularity of the surgeons alone. Last year I was really decided that I actually went through with my tummy tuck and breast augmentation in Manila. It's a good thing my Filipino surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo was really great and gave me all the support since day 1. My results are great and now i feel like a new better version of myself. Now that is fab!
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  4. That's wonderful that all turned out great for you corrinemom! The credentials and experience of the surgeon are number one.